The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am starting to believe my dreams can come true

So I am sitting here listening to Joss Stone's new song called "free" and a line in the song says "unlock you dreams" and as I am sitting here thinking of my dreams- different limitations come up into my mind reasoning why I cannot do it. And finally when i heard that line I was like YES I CAN. Omg I actually can. A little glimpse of sun came pearing into my valley- like one ray. But that one ray is good enough. Just that one spark has sparked my fire within. What I was debating was getting a college education or persueing dance and a nusiness on my own. And you know what I can do both- And I don't have to wait until I finish the degree to start on my career or achieve my dreams. I can work on both and if they take off before i am finished with college so be it- I move out of Qualcomm and into the new dance job while continuing with college. Why not do both- they both have something to offer to learn from. Why not do everything possible in and out of the system to ensure the dream happening. And for the time being I can go to school I can pay for classes outside of school if I can make certain classes becuase of my job. I had the realization that i can do it- because of an oprah episode about a woman that had 5 children came to the united states worked 2 jobs and went to college-is earning her doctorate this year. I can do it, I actually can. You know how long I have thought I can't fully do it. But I can I can ensure that I am fulkly out of an unsatisfying carrer for the rest of my life. Period. Using all means nece3ssary- school, classes, certification in food, dance ect ect. persueing all of my passiopns using all to get where I want to go- if one blooms at one time and takes off I still have all the others to use in the future. I see it. It can work- and I am doing it regardless of what anyone says. i feel it and I believe it. I can radically change my life- and its not a certain time frame. So I can have both- I can still persue this certification as well as going to school- as well as taking dance- fillingmyself up. I know school will be finished in about 4 years but as far as my initial plan I am still doing that too- the certification in Nia as well as the Butrition certification. This is good, really good. I am creating momentum to get out of not doing my passion- and with time it will overspill into all areas of my life to the point that I can transition over to doing what I love while still persuing a degree- I see myself dancing- perso0nal consultations- something like that while going to school. And this is my dream this is my future- this ray of light I thank you sdo much for showing me that I can I can do it! and I can utilize every tool possible. Also thanks to my mom for telling me that there are those that do it within the system and those that don't and obama is one that does make change within the legal syetem and I have always been oppossed to it- but I see that I can use college for an out of the box out of the system idea. and that is where I am going with that! Extra Extra on top of the degree. That makes one sucessful.

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