The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I didn’t do a full season as I started late so I have decided to not do 100 days and start the new (2nd) season tomorrow on the 1st December with most other people. I haven’t posted any notes about my progress because I have some real challenges along the way. I was too challenged to write anything!! But I thought before I start tomorrow with my second season I would try and write a little bit about how my not quite 100 day challenge went . My main focus was on my health and prosperity. On the health front it’s been an amazing journey. I really struggled with it to begin with as my health was awful and I was really out of balance. But I used the law of attraction completely on this issue. I am very overweight which was causing health issues and I have really struggled with my weight for a long time. It didn’t help that I have an under active thyroid and it runs in my family! Just before the beginning of this season the doctor gave me some medication which made me put on another 16 pounds instead of losing weight. So I decided that I would take care of myself and not take the medication; go with the flow and I would not beat myself up and make it about my weight. As soon as I made the decision not struggle and be nice to myself it all started to fall into place. I made some tough decisions about what I would and wouldn’t do, I found the foods I needed and I lost my appetite and cravings for foods with very poor nutrition, I gave up sugar and it all happened without even trying. It wasn’t a self righteous decision, I haven’t had to try, it just happened and I can honestly say it has not been a struggle. I have dropped a dress size and I am more active physically. I am so much happier. Its as if I have been drawn to the right information, the right people etc. I can honestly say that I have experienced fully the law of attraction in operation in relation to this issue.

The other thing I wanted to manifest was abundance, including financial abundance. I didn’t go with the flow with this issue in my life but if I am honest I focused so much on getting well I neglected this. However I have felt more abundant generally because of the success I have had with my health. One thing that was very noticeable was I feel very grateful for the things that I have now and I don’t really worry about money much. I have noticed if I find myself worrying about it at all, I check myself and I generally accept that my needs will be met and I will always be ok. I have more faith than before. I can honestly say it has been wonderful, even though sometimes challenging. I am going to be a bit more specific with my next 100 days challenge. Good luck to all my other co-creators. May you get what you need and desire in your 100 day challenge.

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