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I Dream Of A Network Called The Jayemerican Movement

I have began my dream... I recently began a movement that is about living and loving your life and then freeing others to do the same. Simply to say it is a charity support network.

It is still evolving but its purpose is to process people into manifestation machines, living their lives of adventure and fortune, creating wealth angels, and then that same network of wealth angels then free people through charity support. And that people freed, get processed to be victors instead of victims and they free people. the plan is intricate and will take planned programs and people with expertise. But it is coming I am looking for those people.

For example: You come to into our network much like this one and you are inspired and have access to tools to give you what you need to live an exciting life free of dept, sickness, etc. etc. And then you can then give out of plenty toward whatever charitable causes you want even it that means the network giving you the support to start your own foundation.

I for instance, want to build an international rescue organization that rescues people from sex slavery aka human trafficking. That will be born out of my movement, I call The Jayemerican Movement. It has only been a month. I have only 10 members to my Ning network but that 10 will grow to what I mentioned above.

Building a network that will bring restoration, hope, transformation and change lives the people in the network and the people we help...when it happens I will weep in great joy.

If this sound like something you have a heart for join me in the beginning of my dream and hopeful my dream can support your dreams.

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