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What a nice day I had yesterday. And today while I am typing this I am having cinnamon toast with butter and a nice hot cup of coffee.  Neither of which I have very often, if ever...  I know the coffee will pick me up, which is okay, because today is a drizzly day...the kind I could curl up into bed and sleep all day, day and today one of my favorite people Julie, is coming to stay. 

     I'll probably see her for just a short visit as her real reason to come is that her mother is terminally ill and she is caring for her.  If any of you practice prayer, please say a prayer for my friend Julie and her mother, that they experience peace and love for each other, and that they have a chance to express their inner heart's desire, and that they have completion with each other.  Let their time together, be satisfying and fulfilling and a blessing to both.

     I am beginning to notice that my most powerful prayers or intentions are felt with clarity, behind my eyes.  Where as I used to scrunch up my forehead and concentrate, the opening of my eyes and the clarity of my vision seems to make a much more powerful intention.  I think I notice this on other people's videos, as well.  I'm going to have to pay more attention to this, because it is a very subtle thing.  A resolution, really.  No hocus-pocus.  Just a "that's it".  Simple, clear, concise, done.  This is very interesting....  All brought about by my noticing myself before and after coffee and it reminding me of something else...LOL (:

     Imagine living in that kind of clarity at all times.  Wow.  Now there's a thought.  No more soft focus.  Clear vision.  Pristine vision. Think.. move to the left...then action... move to the left.  No more...Is it a good time?  How will I affect someone else?  So and so isn't moving to the left, maybe moving to the right is a better thing to do...?  Yikes.  What would that be like?!!! Wonderful.

     Today I am grateful for a gentle, persistant rain.  I like rain.  I always have.   Especially when it's warm.  It's like my dog Beau's soft muzzle and warm breath.  Very comforting.

      Today I am grateful for the consistant sales that are coming my way. Like a soft, gentle rain.  Very nice and not intimidating.  It's giving me time to adjust to a more streamlined shipping set up and time to prepare.  For instance,  Livia, at the Post office told me if I put foam peanuts inside a large envelope, it would qualify (because of the thickness) as a 1st class parcel, and I would be able to ship my lingerie at a discounted rate, and have free tracking.  I'm going to double check that, but that would make a huge difference in space and ease for me.  Large envelopes are much easier to store than small boxes, and much cheaper and easier to find. Another piece to my clutter puzzle.

       Today I am grateful for my friend Claire, who has shone a bright path for me in so many ways, by her vulnerability and courage.  Allowing herself to grow and thereby showing me that I can, too.  I also love her uplifting and intelligent postings on Facebook.  Such a refreshing relief from the often angry ones that are posted during a pre-election period.

Well friends, back to work.  Shipping out 2 items. Doing dishes...a little vacuuming...listing more items.  It is my intention today to do some photo shoots with Julie for my store.  I am hoping that it will be a fun distraction for her and lift our spirits with creativity and at the same time allow me to get great photos of many more of my items.  Fun & work!  What a novel idea!  

Best Wishes,


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