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well my friend from the philippines had a problem. she was getting pushed out of her home by her mother who has cancer. she gad two weeks to get out. the plan wws she was moving here to be with her fiance. yhree days ago she found out hes been cheating on her. needless to say that was the end og that. so she was looking at being homeless. i proposed she move in with me. so that turned into how? the day before that i got an email to get a loan. taking out a loan to fly her here. deal is she takes care of the house. shes also my partner in my growing business. so were gonna be able to work fast and face to face to make this business meet its goals that it is drasticly behind on. only real wory is were gonna be sharing a room. ill take the floor. but should go smooth and is a real oppertunity for both of us. meanwhile ive gotten tons of phone calls from her friends about how im a hero... me? no id do that for any of my friends. they are like family to me. just thought id share a story of love and oppertunity.

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Comment by Matt Andrews on May 3, 2010 at 7:48pm
Thanks i realy do appreciate the information you provided and your concern. I gladly will keep every one updated. Things are changing so fast right now i cant exactly keep track of it all. Though i think that everything is just building up to critical mass before it will be manifested. This one event affects all of my goals. Tina coming to live with me will give me the power i need to take my business from being a bottom feeder to being a real profit maker. This also affects my relationship with my soul mate. If yo uhave read my blog before you will know that she has denied me in the past. but the interesting thing is since she has known about this things have changed a bit and it seems like she is spending a lot of time considering conversations we have shared in the past. I hope she is starting to wake up to my intent for her. but all things aside this onedecission will one way or another change more than one life forever.
peace out everyone.
Comment by Matt Andrews on May 2, 2010 at 4:16pm
One more thing i forgot to add. Im not giving her the money for the tickets. Im buying them and placing the passenger in her name.
Comment by Matt Andrews on May 2, 2010 at 12:21pm
Ok well i know and understand your concern i spent two years in korea and knew alot of filipinas. So im prety used to how it works. Im in the military. I know this girl and we used to date. she is half american Her father was a soldier and she was also in the army with me. We know each other she went back home necause she got injured and received a medical discharge. Her father passed away when she was young ans as a result her mother gets full medical coverage country of the US government. I dont understand why her mother is pushing her out. but i do know that people who know they are going to die do some pretty strange things. I am positive that she is not messing with me. I have known her for about 3 years now. Like i said we dated for a while but when she got discharged from the army and went back to the phils it was to difficult to maintain a relationship so we moved on. I strongly appreciate your concern but i assure that they are wrong. Her fiance cheated on her because he is a moron his excuse was that he thought it was just a net thing and never would be real. I call Bull shit on that you dont talk about selling your truck to pay for a plane ticket then confess to cheating and then say you didn't know it was real. The whole moving in thing was my idea and she fought me on it for a while untill i told her if you dont come here with me what other choice do you have? Then it was all clear.
Comment by Matt Andrews on May 1, 2010 at 9:10am
Im not that good of a guy.... Im giving inorder to recieve. Me and her have been working together on this business for awhile now. one of the issues were facing is the time difference its hard for me to train her and for her to accomplish my intent. Her being here face to face with me supporting her will allow her to be productive while im at work and will allow us to really push this forward. Together me and her are looking at meeting and exceeding our goals. This is the kind of giving that ultimately will help me to manifest my greater goals. and in the process help my counterpart rebuild her future. So good but not so good. There is a motive and well i hope it pays off. but if it doesn't them im pretty much sunk because i cant afford it. So well give and take. Risk is a real bitch but hey like they say. "Jump and a net shall appear."
Comment by Marina Kennedy on April 30, 2010 at 7:34pm
you are a good guy matt. Should be more people like you. Love amarrina

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