The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have 28 days left of my challenge for Season 6

Since am 3/4 done with my challenge I wanted to review my goals and see where I could improve to make a big finish!

I also wanted to review my manifestations.

I have been a good steward of my worldly possessions and I have increased my income significantly. I am  3/5 of the way there as far as saving the money I have been wanting. A large part of why this was possible was that I attracted a situation where my rent is 1/4 what it used to be so the rest I have been able to save for my adventures. Thank you Universe for this awesome manifestation!!

My goal was for clarity, and I know that has been what I have seen  a HUGE improvement in. Yes I quit my job as crazy as that sounds I know it is the right thing for me to do. I know that my job was feeling unhealthy bondage and it was time to let it go after all the distance it has brought me. This has resulted in BIG TIME clarity of my goals and wants for myself. I know at this time I need to take some time off, re group, and plan to go to school for integrative medicine and other creative pursuits.

I have found connections to collaborate with and to assist in new creative pursuits, I know the people I am working with.  I have worked on the friendship I have with myself. I am continuing to read books and work on my own needs. work in progress but its going as it will always go! I have been giving my body more of what it wants, gym, healthy food, walking etc. These things are getting clearer as I move in to healthier vibrations. This has been a huge turn around the corner as far as moving in on what I need to live my best life...rather than answering other peoples needs or questions...and making my life about that. This new turn has been awesome. I am excited about the 28 days I have left!!  MY goal is to intend more health and vitality for myself., I would be really pleased if I could lose a little more physical  weight before this challenge is over.  Below is a copy of my intentions that I made when this challenge started. Co Creators you are AWESOME!~


Relationship Status:In a Relationship

About Me:
This is my 6th season. I have manifested everything that I wanted in my previous seasons, and I am doing my season 6 to refine and clarify.
Season 6
Starting Date:
April 18, 2015
Intentions & Goals:
Align with myself more securely in terms of my values/wishes for creativity and career.

Manifest a new leadership role in the Eco arts and community that is lucrative and fun.

Expand and structure creative, fulfilling projects.

Cultivate the friendship I have with myself.

Increase compassion and patience with myself

Feel free to creatively express who I truly am and get paid a lot to do so.

Allow time and positive attention to my body and give my body what it needs.

Feel at home in my life, family, body, job and hobbies.

Manifest an awesome group of friends who are a competitive tennis team who is good and likes to win.

I manifest that I allow myself to mend and integrate as needed for the high good of the universe.

I manifest a bodisvatta attitude, love so all beings can feel it.

I manifest to grow my reiki energy.

I manifest that I know who I am, I know more what I want, and I am clearer each day on my path.

I manifest a life of abundance of health wealth prosperity and happiness.

I manifest Laughter and health.
Vision Board, Blogging, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Brainstorming, Take 100% responsibility for my life

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Comment by Let there be Light on July 4, 2015 at 12:04am

Hi Steffie!

It feels awesome to read your post!!!

I'm excited for you! =D

28 days of pure possibility and co-creation everywhere you go, anything you do!

You go for iiit \o/



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