The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I HAVE ARRIVED. season 3 day 100 come and gone

I am so humbly saying to you universe and all my co creators, with head bent low to the the ground that I do not have words to express my gratitude for the beauty and perfection of this world. There are no words, just a perfect moment of silence that is filled to the brim with appreciation. and now in human language- OMG i cant believe how much shamans pic has changed my life, i know its not JUST The pic, but the pic has allowed me to feel the RUSH of falling towards all that i have ever wanted to feel and experience. I imagined that the hills and streams in this pic are landscape of the world that was created to live in, a land of love and appreciation, friendship, closeness understanding, so many things that i havent felt in such a long time. my heart is home. its is really home. and not that i have new friends that love me so much, but i can remember how it feels to feel that way. in this moment. I have everything that i have ever wanted in the whole world, even as the tides of my life go in and out, i stand tall and proud because i have grown so much, and i am independent, i am so well loved and cherished ( something that i thought i could only feel in my dreams) i am strong and appreciated and confident, and blessed with friendships old and new, i am admired, and i am soooooo appreciative and thankful today....omg i just dont have words to say. to you co creators i just dont have words to express my gratitude. only love thank you. ( ps) just for the record, since season 1 i have manifested my dream home for 1/2 the price, an awesome job with the pay i wanted, a beach community, friends and laughter, dancing and team work, a man who loves every hair on my head, health, beauty, self love, healing, appreciation for myself and the universe, feeling happier and healthier every day, taking better care of myself, becoming more aligned with my true self, learning about me)




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