The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have not even started my 100 day challenge and great things are coming my way :D

I have just started creating..
I had something amazing happen to me today! I wanted to try a few things out and as I am working on a project at the moment for as part of my final year at university, I wanted to attract the right documents and online resources to enable me to write an concise and effective report. So I was grateful for so many aspects of my life and I spoke my intentions. As I searched online, the click of one search gave me amazing results. I got the documents that I wanted and I am already on my way to writing excellent piece of work. This is so exciting, particular because previously when I searched the same key words, I would get results of documents that were not much use :))))))
I have not yet started the 100 day challenge,  but will do shortly. I just want to get my mind going.
Already, this is amazing,. I am so grateful to have the knowledge and know-how of the LOA. Its an unconditional gift.
Thank you friends.

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Comment by Judit on December 31, 2010 at 12:17pm

Wow, Nupur!!!

That`s  wonderful!! You didn`t even start the 100 day challenge and you are already attracting something.

It`s probably because you came here with an open heart and mind and in that moment something just happened.

You will love the 100-day challenge , you will be more and more open, relaxed and you will explore a lots of things. I am bad with the numbers I started the 100-day challenge I think a month ago. I didn`t expect much but just one drop of curiosity opened a new window and that new window opened an other one. It`s like you enter in a new world, you will see the changes around you, very soon. Have wonderful start here and all the bets for you in the new year.



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