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I honestly need to attract Money & Home NOW!!!!!!! Any Ideas??

Ok.. It's Crunch time.. I need my own clean beautiful Large Spacious Bright -Sunshine, PUC Included ; home, 2 Large Bedrooms, nice area, near shopping., nice view big windows, storage, modern Big Kitchen, yard/ balcony comfortable, safe with laundry facilities.. i nee it by July 1st... I also need to attract $$$300,000.00 ASAP!!! Cheap/ affodable nice HOME NOW!!
I truly have been with out a home , no where to live basically for 2 yrs So now is the Time to make my Wonderful move.. and to attract the money I need now for Success, and joy, Career , education etc..,
Any ideas?? Please Pray for me.. I Truly Need a "MIRACLE" NOW!!!!!!
Love Kelly

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Comment by Jill on September 12, 2009 at 9:40am
OH my GOSH Kel...I miss you.
I have an Idea...REPEAT after me..."I CAN AFFORD THE HOME OF MY DREAMS".
Come join the group "Fine Tuning the Secret" ...this is where I have been spending most of my time lately. Its a wonderful group and I am sure we would all love to chat about this Home Dream of yours.
Again, MIss you...HUGS JILLY

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