The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This has been a hard weekend but I am giving myself the best present tonight. I'm back on this site in order to turn my mind set around. I'm giving myself the healing loving gift of GRATITUDE.

Dear Universe, I am so grateful for:

my house, my boys, their health, my health, my work, new clients, old clients, thank yous that I receive, my friends, old and new, near and far, online and in person. I'm grateful for the warmth in my home, and my cat, my car that works, the money to pay all my bills, free time to relax, Netflix, my boys's wonderful B'Nai Mitzvah. I'm grateful that I have taken steps to be more healthy, that my operation was a success, my great physical therapist, and a body that can heal. I'm grateful that my boys have a relationship with their father, that they are happy, doing well in school, and growing up. I'm grateful for all the people that love me, and help me, and are there for me. I'm grateful that I have had someone to help me financially for big and little things that have been out of my reach. I'm grateful that i got to have trips to NY and Paris. I'm grateful that I have had the taste of luxury. I'm grateful for kind neighbors, smiles from strangers, people who are polite and helpful, people who value equality, and freedom, and acceptance. I'm grateful for health insurance, good doctors, my "shaman," and to be getting better. I'm grateful to know what it feels like to be loved by a man. I'm grateful he loves my boys and is so generous with us. I'm grateful for hot baths, music, Facebook, books, eyes to see, my phone, the sun, flowers, beautiful nature, space heaters, my fireplace that will soon be working, my own bathroom, supplements, touching movies, Pad Thai, that my cat always comes home <3, my friendly neighborhood, my temple, my suite mates, my office, the view, nice furniture at home and at work, my shoes, that I'm losing weight, I'll be able to dance soon, my boys safe trip last week and their safe return tomorrow, my new friend, knowing that I'm Iovable, strong, smart, flexible, compassionate, deep thinking, my hair, smile, eyes, the sense of touch, the ability to feel passion, healthy relatives, money to donate, this website, computers, my deck, our bikes, sleeping late, things that make me laugh, LOVE and BEING ALIVE!

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