The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm my own hero.My own solution.My own guardian angel. My own friend.My own me. Free.

I treat myself like a child. One that I'm educating with love and respect to be a great human being and eternal evolving soul. Today my program decided to talk to me and tell me what it really has been feeling and thinking...So here it goes my answer:

- I will be able to live by following my inner guidance, which is immortal and based in my perfect nature, who always takes me to where I want and need to go.

- Yes, I can do things right, and I have done lots of things right during my whole life until now. I have washed dishes, cleaned the house, studied, hugged my mom, shared love and support with a friend of mine, I managed to get in college, to pay my bills, to become free of dead this month, to keep trying, to keep affirming and to keep loving myself no matter what.

- Sometimes I don't do what's required by society, by my teachers, by the model we live in, but I do know I'm greater than the model who established these rules, so I say: I do what is necessary for my evolution, I work in a different model, I AM OUT OF THE BOX, I'M GREATER THAN THAT.

- Yes, I will make it, make it 'till the end of time. I can do it! I know! I'm creative, I'm always finding my way, actually, I'm on my way, no matter what you say. I love you, I appreciate your sharing of this with me, but you are coming with me to a better place, a place of peace and love and respect and winning. A place I deserve to be, and I'm already there.

- We will make it together, I'm with you. Things will work out. It is possible. You don't need to procrastinate, you know the answer, just DO IT! I know you can!

- Suffering is when you don't connect yourself with the power of intention that exists in the Universe and that guide us all equally to divine evolution. You are not uncapable, you are beautiful and special, you just need to accept yourself the way you are and work with that, exchange information with yourself and life until you get there, but you know who you are, you are safe and I LOVE YOU!

I let got of anxiety, I know I can do it!

I let go of criticism, I deserve love and respect and I give it to myself for the sole fact that I exist.

I let go of hate for anything which I feel is not working right now, I send it LOVE LOVE LOVE and I know I'm a part of the big gear, I choose to know I'm there.

I let go of fear, which is protection in disguise. Thanks ego, for letting me know I'm on the right path. Things are moving, they are dynamic, and I am changing, I'll be there in no time. Thank you for talking with me, I love you no matter what. You are always with me and we're working together as a great team, you and I are very powerful, thank you for that, you're a great tool.

I let go of the "I can't". God means "no bars held", "no limits". I have the light. I am the solution.

I'm with you. I love you. I know you can do it.

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Comment by Let there be Light on June 26, 2015 at 1:12pm

Thank you!!!

Comment by Bettina on June 26, 2015 at 4:28am

     : ))   Oh, great that the interaction does fonction so well with you!  

                                                 YOU'RE  GREAT, Light !

                                  and you're posts are so great ... and I love you a lot !!!

Comment by Let there be Light on June 25, 2015 at 9:37pm

Wow, bettina! Thanx for pointing out this post for me! re-reading it helped me a lot today! You're great at fousing on the right things! I'm so grateful for this!



Comment by Bettina on June 25, 2015 at 5:03am

 sooo great, Light !

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