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Hello Everyone! And thanks for reading in advance! I'm starting my 1st season 2morrow on the during the new moon January 30th 2014! I am a 26 year old mother and wife eager to began my 1st season. I have recently in the past 2 years I have come to the realization that I MUST have my own business! I can not be tied down to a company of any sort. I have to make my our hours, my own rules, and I MUST do something that I LOVE in order for me to be happy. I am a new mother and during my pregnancy I realized that I could no longer subject myself to the strenuous demands of corporate America while being a mother. I watch how companies treat mothers ... disciplining them when their babies are sick, when they have to go to their children's schools, or a doctors appt or anything! It's as if the mother was supposed to put the companies needs before their children's needs! And that to me is absurd! If you ask me this is why the state of America's children is so grim now is because the parents are to busy working trying to provide rather than raising the children. If at all possible at least one parent should be in the home most of the time. But anyway I digress. Luckily I have a supportive hubby and we primarily live off of his income at the time ... and yes indeed things are tight. But we are making it. But of course I want more than just to "make it"... we WANT and DESERVE abundance. I was fired from my last job back in April of 2013 ... I was fired due to a co worker backstabbing me and telling our higher up's that I was pregnant. But I really didn't give a shit cause I was ready to go ... My energy was sooooo low everyday that I went there ... sitting in traffic just to go to a place that I hated to be! NEVER AGAIN! I'm not your typical person whose cool with working a regular job until I'm 65 and maybe retire when I'm old and beat down (no offense to anyone) then maybe I can live the life that I wanna live and be a happy individual! Nope not me! I want to make the most of my life NOW! I want to love and live my life NOW! Why wait? I'm not gonna go work for somebody else who followed their dreams and say screw mine.

So I'm sorry to ramble on ... but I look forward to taking of this years tax return so that I can execute the following goals. Oh and btw I am an astrological counselor specializing in birthing charts, baby natal, and self help astrology. My goal is to teach the world the blessings of astrology that our ancestors left here for us. I want a full operating astrology studio! And I know I must start off small but I will get there! Later on down the line I would like a non profit organization. But my ultimate goal is to have financial freedom, have an abundant business, and lose 45 pounds!

~get an active business license to become a legal business in my home state

~purchase supplies and inventory items that I need

~purchase advertising items and plan seminars to help advertise

~start a self help Youtube Channel for my clients

~start my website and run weekly specials 

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Comment by Kevin on February 16, 2014 at 2:53am

awesome goals! you sound super driven, which is awesome. how are things coming along? best wishes, k

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