The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I promice to change the words I use and way I feel <3

I promice myself that I will throw away every negitive word, that I will not use them again but only to show people not to use them. I promice myself to have a positive attitude and to have positive thinking. I promice myself that I will think everytime I get a ''why'' in my life....but I will decide to go into the positive energy and that my life will be positive forver and that I will become the hero of my own life <3 so be it and so it is! :)

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Comment by violeta on May 28, 2012 at 2:37pm

Well said. I have also to promise that I will think about what I say every day. For example if you done something not so good, I have not to say, I am stupid. I have to say: I will do that the next time good. :) We have to be all heros of your own life. You are really inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I like it. I send you lots of love and light, violeta

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