The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I really like these... They ring true to my soul and my hearts desires!

I post daily in the 3 basics group and today I really liked my gratitude and Affirmation list (I'm leaving out my intent because that will change every day). I want to save them so that I can read them over and over. So this blog is basically for my records. However, I hope anyone reading it also enjoys them. If you wish to post your daily Gratitude, Affirmations and Intent in one place, please joins us in the 3 Basics!

I am grateful for all the activities, opportunities, events, conferences, roles etc.. etc.. that have been happening in my life! AND the kick ass people that are coming into my life!

I am grateful I feel like I'm getting my monologues down. I've got some of them memorized and will be working with my acting coach soon to polish them.

I am grateful my migraine broke. Resting my neck all day did help.

I am grateful for the full moon that is coming up and the energy it brings.

I am grateful for this excitement I've been feeling.

I'm grateful I've found an editor for HH, AND a way to get the files to him. I'm also grateful that he has excellent ideas on the direction of the documentary

I'm grateful I met someone new that is interested in starting a new documentary with me!

I am grateful the LLC is done for 2012 and I have word the contracts are being drawn up

I am grateful for my friends, family and house/car/truck and all the creature comforts in my life.

I am grateful for the fur faces and a beautiful husband.

I am grateful I've been moving my body.

I am grateful my flowers out front look so bright and colorful with my gnomies and faeries all over!! Oh and my glow lights that now line the driveway:)

I earn my total living, which is an amazing amount of money, as an actress, in radio, Producing and hosting and doing anything else creative I choose to do!

I have all the money I need (and want) to do all that I please in my life.

I am a perfect size 10 or 8.

I have the cosmetic surgery I want done this year (tummy tuck, breast lift reduction, lipo and fillers). And at the same time I move my body to be toned and fit. I have the body I desire!!

I earn 2 million dollars or more on 2012.

ParaWomen Radio earns $1000 or more a week.

Haunted Hillsdale is edited and entered into Film Festivals this year and next.

I begin work on my next documentary

My current script that I am writing is an award winning one and is picked up by a major production company and is seen in theaters world wide!

I am happy

I am excited

I am vibrant and youthful

I travel the world and get paid for it

I meet the right people at the right time and that furthers my career to new heights!

I am surrounded by people who have my best interest and me theirs.

Everyone reading this feels my love and the love of the Universe.

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Comment by Amy on June 29, 2009 at 9:29am
Hi Christina, This intention isn't for anyone else, it's for me. I've been having neck and shoulder issues and my bra strap has made an indent in my shoulders over the years. I'm choosing these for medical reasons (except the fillers I already get fillers each September/October anyway and that makes me feel good about ME). It's not to lose weight, I can lose weight till i'm a size 8, I still have the skin that needs to go and will not go any other way.

So trust me nobody has told me otherwise. I appreciate your concern and your words, this is what is right for me.


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