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I think day 80 season 6 the blessings continue to catapult in my life from 1 success to the next to the next.

I am not even sure what day it is in my season 6. So many things have opened up in a positive light for me in the season it is almost impossible to record all. My event is less than 2 weeks away and everything is almost already done. Which I am very proud of, I feel I am on the ball. My staff is happy, excited, and thrilled 2 even stuff bags. Lol,, so Am I!!! Our sponsors are our event. super thrilled and excited as well, are our RSVP is piling in beautifully. I am so excited for my co creator graduation and moving on to another network of spiritual NSYNC men and women. I have been receiving spiritual and Financial coaching. I decided to catapult my success and finances, so I decided to make the proper decisions that will end with that results. Well, I don't mean end with that result. I mean I'm having that results and will continue to prosper in Grove.

I am very happy now that I found a spiritual coach. Her name is Danielle and I've met her at Gabrielle Bernstein book signing I met her face to face and I totally vibe with her. I buy with her so well, when my Head of Media which is my very close friend shared with me his wowesabout a feeling he's working on and his fears he's facing I decided to as a birthday gift to purchase a session with Danielle for him.Danielle can help him, I told him we will have the conversation next year and Beyond an entire different financial and spiritual level very much appreciated the decision we're making now for our future. This man had help me move my furniture and clothes in my past relationships help me in all kinds of emergency situations and never once judge me. He is Team Heidi!

my boo is team Heidi to, team Heidi is the group, when I say " let me know everything is going to be okay", they do.

I'm so excited because today I actually figured payroll for my staff.I realize how much finances I've actually earned in the past 8 weeks. And I am simply amazed at least 9000 has been accumulated for the event.and I anticipate us accumulating another 5 grand within the next week.simply fabulous, I am determined open willing releasing and allowing this to be so.the week after our event I have called a blackout week. I am taking a mini vacation a break and not working at all. The following week will be hardcore campaigning for our second event in March.

since I moved and my hand entire focushas been on the TV and so I haven't had the time to buy furniture or hangers or put pictures in picture frames or anything to actually settle into my room I will be using my blackout week to do that as well I really would like to make my room very cozy and I literally do not have the brain space to do it the way I want to do it and I would like to wait until my down time before I decorate my room. However I did buy the sheets and bedding that I love, outside of the Tempurpedic pad I'd like to add, lol.

I also plan to spend time with my niece and nephew after my second event and head to Miami for my colleagues birthday. 2 weeks after Miami I am heading to London. When I return from London I will be focusing on my how to make a long story short, god is good. amen!!

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Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on January 28, 2013 at 3:50am

Pardon some of the writing. I did a voice to text today do my phone was typing for me (dictation style, Oww!!) lol


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