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I've Decided To Go After My Dream....but I'm Scared. Please Send Me Positve Energy

Hi Friends,

I'm writing this post because I've made a big decision and I could use a few positive words to keep going and push past my insecurities.   

I've decided to follow my dreams and start my own production company. I have somewhat of a background in video and film. I've done a few video projects that were very successful but I never pursued it because I felt like I needed to devote my time to something more practical. I got my degree in Health Education instead of Media or Journalism and I've always secretly regretted it. Now, I've decided that I need to follow my dream or I will burst!!!! I feel like life is just passing me by and I haven't done the things that I feel like I am meant to do. So I'm gonna go for it. But it's hard to really get started.

Here is my vision:

  • I will start my own productions company
  • My company will produce a cartoon, a stage play, and a made for Youtube soap opera.
  • My productions will be a catalyst for enlightenment and social change
  • My productions will be a wonderful, profitable, and fulfilling source of self expression for me

Here is what I have done already to achieve this dream:

  • I've obtained to software needed to create the cartoon (it was actually donated to me by a person who already has a successful cartoon series on Youtube :) )
  • I've started a blog that will later be used to promote my company and showcase my work--
  • Per advice from Lilou Mace, I went to a popular public access network here in Chicago called CanTV. When I told them my ideas, they waived all the fees and all prerequisites to airing my productions. When I'm ready, they have cleared my productions to run immediately, and for FREE!!
  • I've gotten the help of a friend who is an actor and who has many friends who are also actors. They have agreed to do the voices for my cartoon. FOR FREE!!!
  • I've been watching tutorials on Youtube learning the animation process and refining my skills
  • I've come up with a storyline that I like and that speaks to the social issues I plan to address in my cartoon

Here are the things that I fear and need help working through:

  • Not being able to make money from my productions. I have children who need me to make money to provide for them.
  • That I won't be able to master the animation process
  • That my productions won't be good enough
  • That I will fail and just waste my time and other peoples time
  • That it will be successful short term but it won't be something that I can build upon and that will last

I've been with this site for years now and the reason I keep coming back is because i've found it to be a great place for support and positivity.

I'm asking that anyone who is willing to send me some positivity concerning this matter please do so. I really need a heavy dose of encouragement and positive energy. I don't want my dream to be deferred any longer but i recognize that I need some help to get this off the ground.

Thank you all in advance for your loving kindness.

Toya K

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on March 31, 2013 at 12:11pm

It seems like you have taken many steps toward success and have many people behind you. We all have fears. Just let them go. Believe in yourself and your abilities. If this pursuit does not work, have faith that it will lead to something better. So either way you win. Good luck!

Comment by Debra Felske on March 31, 2013 at 11:15am

Well, Toya, you have my support.  Better to have gone after the dream then to wake up years later and have regret for not making the effort.  I just got fired last Thursday and have decided to do business consulting on the internet.  I know that money and opportunities will come from strange places if I just allow the Universe to fulfill my affirmation.  Stand firm, take action and I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.   

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