The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'VE GOT THE POWER!!! - Thank you.

Dear Universe,

I really need you help me stay positive in these coming weeks. I ask that you continue to shower me with my wanted desires and have only positivity flow my way. I thank you for aligning me with all of my wants and having life pan out my way and in my favour. And for always showing me I'VE GOT THE POWER!!!!

I ask that I be guided AND guarded by only positive people, positive experiences and positive manifestations.

I am forever grateful, I am grateful that I have manifested another one of my desires and I am confident that everything will go my way and I will continue to be blessed with greatness.


Kay :o) xxxx

As you were coming into your physical experience, you understood that the basis of the Universe—both physical and Non-Physical—is one of absolute Well-Being.

You felt no concern about the existence of unwanted things, since you understood the importance of contrast and variety, and you knew that more wonderful creation would be born from that variety.

You knew that your emphasis and focus would be upon the new creation that would be born from the variety, and therefore the contrast that spawned the expansion was a good thing, for not only are you creating new components to mold into the details of your life experience, but you are creating a continuing new perspective from which to enjoy them. More discoveries, more relationships, more combinations, more adventures, more awareness, more desires, more appreciation. . . .

It is always that which is new that refreshes. . . . It is in that which is new where Source dwells—offering a signal of love and joy that calls you never-endingly forward to never-ending expansion. To more!

--- Abraham

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