The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been a non stop goalaholic. I have not been back here in a few days to see if any one has messeged back or got more suggestions. Even waiting to talk with Mr.Stark I am excited to get this rolling. My god i setout a couple emails andspread the word a bit my garage is completely filled in my one side i have a two car garage but the other is the land owners but she said I can use it. A church came with 2 van fulls of stuff. Pray for Ellen to call me. I wrote my story down for her stimulas package. My son could use thatvery much yes he will be on s.s.d.and getsome free things but not food nor minerals and vitamins furniture and a change of the house and enviroment we are a very low income family as a matterof fact. Many of you would never guess just how much I got last month and the months before that 700.00 a month plus I pay utilities on a 5 bedroom house. i have a home that is beautiful over in a very exspensive rich area on the lake. Things happen for people when they work with the laws of attraction.One day i will tell you how i didi it all but for now i must sleep.Oh yeah i was told I have only 1 year of life left they dont understand howiam gaining all the sudden from 1453years ago to over 300 pounds and I dont drink soda or beer no candy or fried fastfooc no junk nasty I drink water all day long. Just found out it was a medication.Methadone from when i got clean i have been on it over 4 years.I am coming off and doing things i have never done and getting different reactions it works ppl think iam crazy right now. Infact they think iam on drugs lol.I said I am high on LOA they sauid OH NO whatsthat I laughed and walked away!Thanks for my rant love and light always Isisoakmoss Soon the feng shui will be back as soon as I finish some personal things.

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