The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's taking me a lot to do this but I really need help. I am single mother of a special needs child and I have no family support or friends right now that I can go to. I am veteran but they are only helping me partially. I am short 200$ on my rent and we need groceries for the week too. I was wondering if I could ask for any kind hearted donations from you all. I know you don't know me but if you decide to give anything I will offer you a free tarot reading or subconscious release session out of gratitude! My readings are usually 20$ and the subconscious release is 40$ and there is much value in these services. I am also learning to read the AKASHIC RECORDS and this is also an option too if you're into it. Thank you so much for reading this. You can give at PayPal.Me/ramonalovejoy if you feel called to do so. Thank you for reading. xo Namaste.

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