The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hmmm I am noticing a disturbing trend in my thoughts lately. I could do this if I only had or did ____ (fill in the blank). But then I never do or get whatever it is I need. Either I never get around to it or it seems like the mountain is too big to climb. If you know what I mean. Hmmmm....
Ok I have to learn to quit procratinating. Self-hypnosis will be good for that I think. Or should I use one for self-destructive habits??? I have to learn to tackle projects without being overwhelmed. I don't mean small ones. I mean the big doozeys that seem like you are commiting to a life time of drugery that Cinderella counldn't imagine.
I am not the most organized of people. Heck who am I kidding there are still pictures of my daughters first few days wating to be placed in photo ablums. Umm by the way she is almost 20. I know being totally organized isn't in my personality but I need to find a happy medium here. Especially in planning my day. I don't want to plan it all out to the minute but I have to structure it somehow I think. Find a way to fit everything in. I suppose I can't manifest 4 extra hours in the day huh?
This isn't a ngeative blog by the way just thoughts that have been running through my head and need a sounding board. I am not unhappy with me or depressed just being thoughtful and proactive here. Heck I find this as progress that I am seeing and finding ways to eliminate stumbling blocks in my life.

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Comment by Missy on July 3, 2010 at 10:20pm
Thanks I will check it out. Now I just have to learn time management too. I am gonna be seen as mean mom again for a bit. They will have to follow the chore charts again. That's ok once they get in the swing of it they quit complaining. They learn to look forward to the rewards!! Time to pull out the markers and poster boards.
Comment by Love on July 3, 2010 at 5:30pm
I love the flylady website for getting organized she gets you to concentrate on a room a week and spend 15 minutes a day on cleaning and decluttering it out. Just empty one drawer at a time. If you break down those big tasks into small steps it will get done in no time :)

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