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I'm sick to my stomach with fear.I have to be honest.

I had been seaching for this book which gives an indepth account of a high ranking person in the organization to no avail. Last night I found a "free download" of the entire book. The universe is giving me what I need. This I must remember despite my fear.
In reading the book I have to be honest and say that I again am gripped by fear at the teachings given on higher levels. Sorry God for my fear. Hubby's comment that he's read it before and is determined to let nothing break his resolve. I can't help feeling afraid for my family. Below is an excerpt from the book "All the Emperor's Men" by Garry Greenwood:

"Japan is the land of the origin of the human spirit. It's where humans first appeared on earth; in other words, the Garden of Eden that you read about in the bible was in Japan. So it was from Japan that humans and their culture spread throughout the world. At that time, God ruled man directly and there was always an incarnate God living amongst humans here in Japan who was in control of all matters. Naturally this incarnate God had descendants in the same way as humans did. These descendants were also Gods, and ruled over humans. This, then, is the origin of the lineage of the present-day Emperor of Japan. So, in spite of what people may say or think, the Emperor is divine till this very day. Since this is the land of the Emperor and the origin of humans, the Japanese people have been entrusted with a special mission to save the world, even though many of them may not know it. That is why Mahikari originated here, and why our great saviour is Japanese. Please do not think I am being nationalistic. These are revelations from God. In the Bible it says 'light comes from the east'. The special light or the power of the holy spirit which has been bestowed upon you came from the east - Japan. Since human culture began here, all languages and all forms of writing have their origins here, too. In fact, the Japanese language is derived directly from the language of the Gods. It was revealed to our great saviour that Japan is the cradle of all the major religions, so it's only natural that, in this era of the dawn of the new holy civilisation, Mahikari should begin here and spread throughout the world. For example, in this seminar there are two hundred and twenty members from at least twenty countries. There are Mahikari members in almost every country on earth. Because Japan is the cradle of all religions, spiritually you were drawn here to learn these divine secrets because you have a special spiritual relationship with Japan. Jesus, Moses, Buddha and other great beings also visited here, where they studied the divine secrets until they returned to their own lands to spread these truths. Both Moses and Jesus died and are buried here. Perhaps if you have time before you return home you may be able to visit their graves."

I'm stunned.

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Comment by Barbara Malloy on February 22, 2010 at 1:40pm
Yvette, Try your best not to have fear and worry... Its true what Jilly had said. Its not your family or your husband, its all inside of you. If you read my bog that I wrote on day 62, its from the set that I'm going to send you by mail. In this it will help you to understand your beliefs and fears and what you can do about them. Just relaxe and go with the flow. Things have a way of working themself out in the long run as long as you are aware of it. And besides you have friends that care and willing to help.. so Chill.. it'll work out..
Comment by Jill on February 20, 2010 at 9:39pm
Yvette, All I see, is that you are tripping on your own beliefs. YOU are believing that the only path to know God/Source/Universe is throught what Yvette was taught to believe. Everyone on this site came here after traveling their own path. Many leave there own beliefs because of FEAR. First see that FEAR and WORRY is not from the Universe/Source/God. Ask yourself this. Do you have FEAR and Worry? Does your Husband have Fear and Worry?

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