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 In November I lost all of my PR clients due to one reason or another; I also became pregnant. My life has been in a downward spiral since. My boyfriend has no drive to keep things up as I create a new event to produce income. I am housing him basically. He has been supportive emotionally, kind of... I am guessing to stay or to keep an illusion that we are in love. I am not in love. I am upset that he keeps my kitchen a mess, my floor covered with Jordan's and his clothes, books, etc; and leaves the toilet seat up. He annoys me. I was hanging out with him and had no intention on this becoming a relationship. He is determined to make this work with us. Everytime I try giving it a shot I am pissed about how I am pregnant with a man I am not in love with  and we are not thriving financially. He told me while I was in my first trimester that since my business was in a shift, he would handle the rent . He LIED! I am in debt with the landlord 2500. and have to pay it by THIS FRIDAY, not to mention he does nothing but go to school and lay around the house on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK doing meaningless chatter and post.  I think it is time I get really honest with myself. When I allowed him in my life it started falling apart.

I do not know what to do now. please help me get back in the positive frequency. I am not sure about moving in a larger place, once I settle the score with my landlord. My neigbors keep me up all night and there is nothing police calls or complaining to landlord or building owner have done.


All I know is this baby is coming and I want my business to thrive again. I had 7 clients before and tons of great things goign on.

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Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on March 30, 2014 at 12:14pm
Wow Jason thank you so much for all of your positivity! You are absolutely correct and I am definitely going to keep that outlet. Such an awesome perspective of my business being a magnet attracting only the divine clients that are right for me :-) and you're right the baby will be out eventually lol.the knowing part, such a wonderful way to see it into existence.
Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on March 25, 2014 at 11:33pm
Sunny side I think I am blaming him for my fear. That wasn't fair. He's actually growing spiritually since we've met. I'm sacred because I want my shxt together, I want baby to be proud of me. He hasn't left me with the debt. Were working on it attracting it to be handled. Fyi I am hormonal a tad. My life is changing so much.
Comment by Sunny Side Up on March 25, 2014 at 10:18pm

You probably want to stay connected for your child's sake, but I say start making plans to be on your own without the father. It does not seem like you love him so why prolong the problem? You will soon have a baby to take care of, you do not need two! I'm sorry if I'm harsh but i was in a similar situation. I stayed in the relationship for 2 years to try to make it work. When I left I felt so relieved. I waited until I was on my feet and then I left. I am happier for it and I believe my kids are happier for it too. And probably the father too because he has gotten married and I am fine with it. So just start thinking about what you want to do with your life. If you had success you can have it again. Also, if the timing is not right for you to have a child on your own I bet there are many couples who would love to adopt a newborn, give it a stable home with lots of love, no stress, etc.  Just if you are not ready. I have one friend who was very depressed and scared while pregnant, worrying that she would not love her baby when it was born, and in fact, she was so happy, and now the child is the center of her world. All else is on hold and she is happy. that is probably unusual but only you know what you should do with everything. Best of luck.

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