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Greetings beautiful souls.

I kinda dropped off the grid for a minute there. I must have finished my Season 3 a while ago, so now I'm debating when to start Season 4 and stay committed to posting about it on here. It's been such a chaotic couple of months... sigh! I will not delve into why, but i'm here now, in this moment. My radio show is still in the air, as the people making the decisions have had some setbacks with the studio, so it seems as though i'm picking up from where i left off as far as accomplishments of career. My husband and I are still swinging the pendulum of trust and doubt of completely accepting ourselves and our life the way it is. (another deep sigh)

I've started a 21 day challenge for myself of having no radio or tv and no wheat & dairy in my life... (1 week success)and i'm beginning to feel better internally and physically! It's a crying shame, when we become lazy in taking care of this physical temple so that it can function at its optimal level for performance and thereby allowing us to connect with source energy so that we can be who we're meant to be!

What can you do today that you know will help allow you to do better and be better... BE A BETTER YOU !


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Comment by Mona on October 18, 2012 at 10:52am

hi victoria! i decided that this day is my official day 1 for season 4! but thank you so much for reaching out and allowing me to join you... we can always stay in contact :) lovin your profile pic :)

Comment by Victoria on October 17, 2012 at 12:20am

Join me on Nov 1st ! :D I'm starting Season 14 ! It's about balance (home, love, health, home, and work). I seriously need it, but I'm lol because the hubby is gone for 8 days and I think the Universe did that so I can have a mental picture of how balanced I want to be and Day 1 (yesterday) was awesome! 


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