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The last 100 day challenge I set was in 2015 for my Season 12, to be completed in 2016, and although I didn't regiment it, I met 7 out of 9 intentions that I set (see my page for details).

Before setting intentions, I always ask myself what I envision my perfect day looking like. From the moment my eyes flutter open in the morning, to the time my head hits the pillow at night. Where I am? What my house is like? Who is around me? What my morning shower and breakfast are like, client calls and who I'm talking to, my family time and what the overall feeling I have is throughout the day.

I use this "perfect day" to shape what goals will best help me to achieve the quality of life, ease and flow in my life when my perfect day is achieved.

So, my intentions are my goals that serve to help me live the life I am most looking forward to.

I also loosely base my intentions on milestones I want to reach by certain times of my life and the legacy I want to leave behind for my kids.

So here are the intentions I am working on for 2018:

1. Create a career out of short selling penny stocks.
2. Turn my house into an income property.
3. Find a fixer upper in Las Vegas and move there.
4. Become a seamstress for children's clothing
5. Turn what I know into internet courses.
6. Take 2 major vacations this year with my children.
7. Put two bills on auto pay.

Why penny stocks? Why short selling them? - One of my mantras is Work Smart, Profit Hard (TM)! I have written a few books about this concept.

We are used to thinking that the amount of energy we invest into physical work is equal to the output or reward we receive in return. In other words, if I work really hard for X amount of hours, I will receive X amount of dollars equal to the value that I deserve. 

In the real world, hourly pay will never be enough to replace the time that you lost working for someone else. As a matter of fact, corporations ensure that the amount that you're being paid is so little that it doesn't affect the multi-millions or even billions of dollars in profit that they receive. Your $30,000 in one year will never come close to the $30,000 they make in just a few days.

They work smart to use as little energy as possible of their own to produce as much profit as possible, while you do the opposite - work hard, using as much of your energy as you can, to produce as much profit as possible - which is never very much. Labor is just finite, it has a limit, and you have a limited amount of productive years in your life. 

So what does this have to do with short selling penny stocks? For 15 - 30 minutes, or a couple hours, or over night, you can make more than you would make in a month, two months, or even 6 months at a job, just by sitting at your computer. Read Timothy Sykes book An American Hedge Fund to learn about how it works.

Why turn my house into an income property? - A house, on it's own, takes a decent amount of money to run. If you have a mortgage (which I don't), you can look forward to paying the bank, the city you live in for taxes and a separate company for the home owners insurance (I only pay for two of these). Plus, you pay for utilities, maintenance on your home and on your yard. All of these things take money out of your pocket - and that is a liability. Even if your home is worth X amount of dollars, you still pay every month for multiple things in order to maintain the value of your house. If it takes money away from you and doesn't replace the money or add more, it is considered a liability.

My plan is to turn my home into an income property so that it becomes an asset. It pays for itself, plus puts money in m y pocket. 

Find a fixer upper in Las Vegas and move there - I live in Michigan, and while we do enjoy all four seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall all seem rather short compared to our very cold and often very unpredictable winter weather. In the winter, it tends to be very depressing, easy to get down on yourself for feeling as if you're not being productive (even thought the opposite couldn't be more true!) and you feel sluggish and drag through each day. It wears on all of us! We need more vacations and we feel less rested when we take them.

I've heard so many wonderful things about families moving to Las Vegas from Detroit. They have a lot for families to do, the weather is great, and the housing market is really good as well. I would like my next income property to be there.

Become a seamstress for children's clothing - I am the auntie who wants to make all kinds of cute stuff for my nieces and nephews. I would love to make awesome hand-me-downs that have meaning and love behind them. I don't currently know how to sew, but I am learning from a close friend who is a seamstress - how lucky am I??

Turn what I know into internet courses - No more consulting, no more one-on-one clients, no more long stints helping people with no retainer and payments that only last in the beginning of working with people. 

I want to create courses using Udemy and Teachable, create passive streams of residual income and talk to my students in discussion boards. I would also love to sell courses in video sales funnels. 

Take 2 major vacations with my children - So, I consider a major vacation one where we spend 3 - 5 days outside of the state we're in that requires an airplane to get there. I would love to take a vacation to Las Vegas and to Hawaii. I really would love to afford both of these trips with fun things to do in a really nice hotel and to feel rested at the end.

Pay two bills using auto pay - I have tried auto pay when I was mostly poor and ended up with insufficient funds fees and a whole lot of headaches and unpaid bills. The way I receive income has not always been the most predictable, so to base my payments on it has been disastrous, to say the least. I would love to be able to budget and receive money in such a way that putting payments on auto pay would be easy and make financial sense. 

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 20, 2018 at 12:05pm

Love your post especially the auto-pay intention. I totally get it. I just this morning decided that I could put one major bill on auto-pay yay! Good luck and have courage with your intentions! Sending love and light to you...

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