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Indian Guides/Abraham Hicks Radio Show Season 4-Day 53

Last week I had to go to the ER for Migraine and Cramp relief. I was given a shot of a heavy narcotic and when I closed my eyes I saw my Indian Guide. This guide has been with me a loooooong time. The first time I became aware of him was at the age of 16 during a meditation class. During the group meditation I saw a very large Indian standing before me. After the meditation was complete the psychic leading the class informed me a very large Indian stood before me and that he was my protection guide. I love group meditation for this very reason... When I meditate with others we will often have the same imagery, which always lends validity to things that you might otherwise write off.

Anyway, I told my husband that when I close my eyes I kept seeing an Indian. He said well maybe it's your guide. I thought for a moment (or maybe it was 2 since I was pretty high) and said YES! I love that my husband now thinks in this manner. When I first met him he probably would have said "well it's just the drug". Now he thinks in spiritual terms and it makes me smile.

Throughout the week I've been seeing my guide often. He is often just out of the corner of my eye or I will see him in my rear view mirror (which is slightly startling fyi lol). One night, after seeing him in my mirror, I said "what is this all about"? And as I pulled into the driveway the headlights rested on a rabbit in my backyard. Now, I feel our spirit guides always speak to us in ways that we can understand them. Animals and songs seem to be what I understand (and colors). And so this is how my guides will speak to me. The year that I first met my Indian guide was the same year that I bought my first Animal Medicine Oracle. I love this deck of cards more then any other Oracle I've ever encountered (except for my Magick 8 Ball;) And Rabbit speaks to me about fears. Poor little Rabbit comes from his hole and runs about and says "Oh no Hawk will see me, what should I do". And even though Hawk did not see Rabbit when he first emerged from his hole, with all of his running around frantically Hawk indeed did see Rabbit and so he swooped down and carried Rabbits away. Rabbit called his worst fears to him by his thoughts and actions. Rabbit also speaks of reproduction issues, which is also fitting for this moment in my life. I'm a bit confused, so I've asked for more clarification and am keeping an "awareness" about me because when my warrior guide is near I know something BIG is gonna go down.

Today I began to come out of a funk I have been in. Work has been extra trying for me, my headaches have increased, I've been crampy and hormonal BUT today I was able to breathe and let some of it out of my mind (and body). I am so happy I have kept a check on my spiritual and mental status the last few weeks, reaching for that next best feeling! Monday I am planning a detox and have some friends on board to join me so we can help one another out. Success in numbers! Yay:)

I wanted to also mention that last night we interviewed Director, Actress, Acting Coach and Writer Katt Shea (Poison Ivy, Carry II The Rage, Psycho 3). Ktt is unique because she takes the Abraham-Hicks methods and applies them to her acting classes. We spoke about this as well as chatted about the Law of Abundance (LOA). We even have a crank call that sorta leant to the fun of the night. Have a listen if you get the hankerin!!

Love and Horror

Oh and I wold LOVE to meet up with everyone on Twitter and Facebook, I love the company!

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Comment by Amy on January 29, 2010 at 1:08pm
D, I have two guides I am certain of, one is a the large warrior and the other is a little girl named Easter. Easter comes to me when my inner child needs some help.

How do your guides come to you?

Comment by D on January 29, 2010 at 1:49am
Your guide sounds really neat. It's always fun to visit your blog because your experience is so different from mine. ((((HUGS))))
Comment by Amy on January 23, 2010 at 2:53pm
Alison, You've inspired me to create an Animal Totem/Medicine group. I hope you will join!
Comment by Amy on January 23, 2010 at 2:35pm
These are the cards that I have worked with for many years: I adore them!

Yes fox probably came to you during that time to help you become the quiet observer and observe the actions of others instead of their words. And I suspect your friend was saying one thing and doing another. Fox speaks of camouflage and blending into ones surrounding. In doing this you are able to watch others undetected. Why do this? It will help you react better to certain situations. You will know what is coming before others! Also, Fox is the guardian of the family unity. When my friend married many moons ago I bought her a fox pelt that was stretched into hoop (Medicine Wheel). She took this gift and hung it over her bed and they have been married 15 years;) Was your friend threatening your family unit?

Also, If fox was coming to you, it may be your animal guide. The cards I mention above help you find your animal guides. Interesting note... When I first bought my cards I did the ritual to find my animal guides and Opossum was my inner guide. Opossum is the actor of the animal kingdom. She has the ability to let off a smell that makes her predators think she is dead! Many animals will not bother a dead creature. Anyway, during college someone stole my cards and book. When I bought my next deck I had TWO opossum cards in my deck (which is the deck I still have). For me this cemented the fact that she was my center/inner animal guide;)

If you decide to start working with the animal cards, please let me know. I feel so connected to Animal Medicine and would love to hear about your journey!

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