The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I co-create delivering an interview so impressive,so perfect,professional, and polished that I'm asked to come on as a manager, I am trained, I receive a salary of 18.00 an hr. I co-create a system of support so tight and so strong that my fitness and sobriety goals easily came to fruition. I create a self love and self appreciation so strong that I feel bliss in my own company,that simply being alive on any given day is fun,delicious,charged,aligned, satisfying,anointed. I proclaim my body is so beautiful and charged by the divine that I am beauty,sex,love,communion I feel so beautiful and satiated by the reality of who I am. I proclaim a body so beautiful I am in awe and reverence of it. I proclaim inspiration, motivation and consistency in the direction of doing the physical and spiritual up keep that it takes to maintain these dreams, I dance through everyday. Intend proclaim and pray daily renewal  of the mind and spirit. That everyday I find that balance,the inspiration and joy I proclaim that everyday spirit would greet me like a loving puppy, that connection come through me like air, that the daily bread always find me. I proclaim freedom from burdens of the past, I wear the lessons like jewels in my crown and scepter releasing the negative energy to be safely absorbed by spirit. 

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Comment by Shayla nickerson on January 27, 2018 at 10:18pm

I love your post. I was drawn to it because I set similar goals and have manifested most if not all of them and wanted to encourage you to keep going and keep speaking things into existence it will happen for you without a doubt

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