The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog.

At this point, my personal challenge hasn*t yet started, which doesn*t mean I am being lazy, though. I am using the time before to think about the things I can do that will help me achieve my goals.

However, I would like to introduce myself :

My name is Rina, I am 27 years old, and I live in Germany. I am a huge music-addict; I love listening to music of course, but I also play several instruments, and I love singing! It is the greatest joy in my life and I couldn*t think of anything I*d more love to do than making music for a living. ^o^ This is my dream. As this is so important to me, many of my goals for this challenge have something to do with making music.

Other things I enjoy doing are drawing (and painting, too, sometimes), writing stories/poems, designing homepages, designing clothes, hopefully sewing, too, soon! I love the idea of being able to sew, but so far I hardly ever tried it ... (Since I will be going to a certain music festival this year and want to make some of the outfits myself, there is no excuse for fleeing from this task :D!) I also love traveling and learning languages. And the paranormal, esoteric, reading, doing some sports (especially DANCING!).

What else? I cannot think of much that would be interesting to mention here ...

Ah yes, how did I find this page, maybe? Some years ago, I did watch "The Secret" for the first time and it changed my life for the better. Along the way, I often experienced how REAL the Law of Attraction actually is. I*d wish for something - no matter what - and it would happen to me within the time frame I set up, if I did set up one. I was never disappointed, and I appreciate all the good things coming into my life, and I am so thankful for them happening. Sometimes, however, I let the remains of depressions and other problems I had in the past take over the steering wheel, and I want to learn how to be more optimistic, how to deal with this problem. Might be I didn*t have a nice past, but still it is important to face the sun, so that the shadows fall behind you.

Okay, now on to my goals ...

I chose those :

** Become a musician/singer

** Compose more songs/write more lyrics

** Be more creative

** Exercise more

** Find a job

** Lose weight

** Learn to be myself

** Find love

I will tell you more about the planning (i. e. what to do to achieve those) in the next entry. :)

Thank you for reading!!


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