The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I started my challenge and my mission for today was to stay in the moment. I moved into a new neighborhood and realized that I had never walked out back, behind my building. A voice urged me to walk out back and greet the morning sun from there. I walked out back and gasped for air... It was so amazing. I was living a dream. I allowed myself to live in the moment and follow my intuition and in front of me was a fence, but the fence was not even that prominent, because behind the willow trees the view was amazing. About 7 horses in all different colors, stood there less than 100 feet away, eating grass quietly in between the cold mist and the sun. It was something from the movies. I ran upstairs, bundled my daughter in a pink blanket, walked out back quietly and let the warm sun and the cool breeze wake her. As her head of dark curls lay over my shoulder,and her face in my cheek, I whispered in her ear "Look Baby, What do you see?" With delight she softly but strongly said "Ponies Mama!!" Not able to hold my excitement... I said look  Isn't God Good? We get to wake up to Horsies in our backyard!!! And on and on I went about this Miracle. I have been living here for months and never realized to sneak a peak at our backyard. Sometimes what we search for is there in front of us, or right behind us (lol) all along. Stay in the present moment. Prayers is us talking to talk , intuition is God talking to us. Be still and you shall know this too <3 Namaste <3 I am so grateful!!

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Comment by Maiia Brindle on December 29, 2011 at 10:26am

Beautiful and touching - thank You for sharing...

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