The 100 Day Reality Challenge

YAY!!! I made it to day 100!!! WHOOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I feel great co creators!!! What a CRAZY!! seasons with lots of clearing and cleaning  and clarifying of ME!   So many wonderful manifestations to tell you about. YES I have improved the relationship I have had with myself. My boyfriend and I have not broken up, but he did move out which has been GREAT for both of us. We are both much more grounded and rooted and aligned with ourselves now that we live on our own and visit each other.  It was a scary move as you can imagine, but it turned out to be the best move ever with limited drama compared to the benefits,. My Hospice job is almost over as I know that I have come to the end of the road with this type of work for me right now. I am working on a book about a burnt out hospice social worker leaving the work and looking for her own new lease on life. What do you think?? 

 I feel like I have the accumulations of so much wisdom because of the Hospice work, and that wisdom tell me, Steffie Kay, there is a deeper part of you that needs your attention. I know that this is the time to spend some real time working and listening to myself! Which is what I wanted! also, I manifested over 30,000 dollars to support this new venture of quitting my job and doing some self discovery for awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    over 1/2 of it came from the potential down payment that I wanted to make on a small condo because that it was I thought I wanted. but now I see that it is not the right time. I attracted the rest of the money and kept it growing every little bit that I could save and put away to support the venture that is at hand of self discovery and deeper purpose

. Also, I had lots of pictures on my vision board of when I used to live in Costa Rica, where I had some of  the best most happy days of my life...and low and behold I have re experienced some of these awesome moments here in California. I have had more time off, the weather has been hot, there has beem more feelings of being carefree and alignment with nature which has allow me to have the two experinces and have one transposed over the other. I now see and accept with the right combination  of choices... I can have that Costa Rica feeling anywhere and everywhere.   One day my fiend and I even went to the beach on a very hot day and the water was warn enough to sit in on a small beach just 10 minute walk from my apartment. We leaned up against the rocks and just rested out eyes as the sun baked our skin and the salt water rushed over and back of our bodies. It was warm enough to do this! That is a Costa Rican feeling if I had ever heard of one!!

ALSO...just these past two weeks or so I feel like the power got turned up with the law of attraction. I have noticed that whatever I really put my mind on, conscious or unconscious, seems to appear!! It seems to be happening faster than before, which means that I am MORE responsible for what I attract. For example: I had some cravings for these fancy sandwiches for like two weeks but I didn't want to go pay for a 10 $ sandwich. But I did keep thinking about the sandwiches from time to time they just kept coming to me, the crunchy bread, the fresh veggies. I can picture the sandwich, and feel it so real. And LOW AND BEHOLD what is at work the other day? Those damn sandwiches. This next season I will be even better at choosing specifically what I want and realy FEELING the feeling of having it. BECAUSE THAT WORKS!!

I have had some celebrations this season, with friends, small and large. We like to cheers, we like to celebrate, we like to acknowledge our good fortune. That was all reflected on my vision board. I have felt more feelings of relief, I am anticipate more of this as well next season. More relief. I do feel like I am taking big jumps forward and putting my heart first. All which was on the vision board, I do feel rich and I am reaching for my passion and reasons for my self. I am working on receiving MORE from the universe and working on the cycle of giving and receiving in balance. I do feel like my life has lad a lot of healing in it this season thanks to the angles and clarity from God. I am finding my home in my heart, and embracing the creative power that I have to share when I am ready. I feel more at home in the universe and I can have fun more easily and lighten up. All of this was on my vision board and I have enjoyed this season so much.

 I have removed some toxic people from my life which has been SOOO helpful...much more than I realized. by removing these people I no longer have to deal with the guilt and doubt and low self worth that was a by product of such relationships. Letting go of what holds you back automatically  allows you to move forward with very little effort! Its so cool!! I am continuing to work on some book ideas that I feel good about. I have new friends now to go hear live music with.  I am still considering my next career move which I think will be gong back to school for Chinese medicine and acupuncture...but I am taking my time with the pace.  I feel this season I have learned new habits such as, letting myself off the hook and letting go of some of the critical action  that I tended to dish out to myself and the world. I am learning to lighten up in many ways, still a lot of go.  I do fully realize that If I want to love the world I need to love myself first, and I am working on that everyday. I have been continuing to do reiki, and will continue to do so.  I am learning to laugh easier and bring more gifts to me.

I am excited for my next season. I think I wil lfocus on feeling good and working to complete some creative projects. I would also like to contimue to release the weight from my body, as wel as work more on self acceptance and acceptance in general of the world and other people. I will inetend most likely to work more on my spiritual work of meditation and expanding this in my body.  I will intend to collect more money form the universe and allowing future projects come to me with clarity, projects that support my higherself, and the higher consciousness of the universe as well as make tons and tons of money that can be shared via these projects that support the higher consciousness of the universe as well as my own personal total happiness and integration. I now see that there is not one without the other.

I feel a wholeness this seasons that is new and exciting and I so blessed and so pleased and so grateful. THANK YOU CO CREATORS FOR AN AWESOME 6th SEASON.  SEASON 7 HERE I COME!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Steffie Kay on July 29, 2015 at 5:20pm
Comment by Let there be Light on July 28, 2015 at 11:48pm

Congratulations, Steffie!

I'm grateful for this post. Nice to see you had such awesome manifestations!



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