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Day 32.

Hey my lovely friends,

I wasn't blogging for the last 2 weeks, because I was extremely busy. Every minute that I did not spend with my kids, I was calculating and translating. I was doing annual taxes for a bigger company and I am finally done. I have to do taxes for 2 more companies, but they are smaller and less complicated. I was also helping my partner with translating his documents from english to my language. It wasn't very easy.

I managed to manifest some money as well. It's not a lot, but an extra 500 euros a month helps a little. Some will go on my kids savings accounts and the rest I will use for doing little things for our company. I am trying to manifest even more money, at least 1000 euros extra a month. That would be great.

I had a wonderful weekend. My best friend was spent 3 days with us. We had a girls night out with another friend on Saturday, we went skiing and just enjoying ourselves.

I wasn't very good at eating and I am a bit frustrated by that. After almost 2 months, I ate some gluten. Not a lot, I just had some small fishcakes. I am not impressed with myself. I am not going to eat gluten anymore. It was enough!

I am doing affirmations every day and I am spending quality time with my family.

This week I am going to come up with new ideas for the company, I am going to contact some people, I will be doing JIllian Michaels workout daily and trying to relax as much as I can.

Have a nice day!


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