The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I wish I knew how to add glittering pictures--I would add fireworks and hearts and lots of smiles and sunshine! I am very proud of myself for having devoted so much time to myself over the past 3 months. Last year was a hard one for me, and through this challenge, I have really felt my spirits lift. I am so grateful for all I have learned and for all the kind and inspiring people here who have taught and supported me.Thank you CCOR friends and the Universe!


I had wanted to end with a boom but it didn't happen. I actually was feeling a little down about this over the past few days. However, today I meditated, and then decided to take a friend out to dinner for her birthday. Deciding to do this for my friend, even though my budget is fairly tight, immediately lifted my spirits. We had a really great talk. All in all, it was a lovely way for me to end the challenge as one of my goals is to bring more love into my life.


I also realized that I am in a plateau in my journey--no great boon at the end, but I have grown a lot, and another surge is probably just around the corner. I am working on so many areas--love, my health, my business, my family. I feel more at ease in all areas, and I must remind myself that this is a process, and I can't beat myself up for not achieving huge, out of this world progress. I really do accept myself exactly as I am. I'm making perfect progress and I know more is on it's way. So yahoo for me and you! I can't wait to start Season 2!

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