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Its our karma to work hard and not wait for the fruits: Bhagavat Gita

Hellow Everyone!

Technically I am in my Season 7 now. Past few days have been bit rough. We worked very very hard for a project that didn't ultimately get through. Its been a bit disappointing but my boss is amazing and I am sure we shall rise and kick some butt again! I think I need to get over all this, and let go of hopes of fancy holidays and raises etc. which everyone was hoping but the project didn't even take off. Few of my colleagues who have been planning to leave have been very discouraging lately and I have no idea how I got pulled into all this.

I really want to get back to my original frame of mind where I was totally committed to this project and do whatsoever required to make it a world class one. Bhagavat Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture, says DO NOT WAIT FOR THE FRUIT, ITS OUR KARMA TO WORK HARD. Work hard and the fruits will follow.

Though I had let to go of my personal life for past one year and worked my ass off, it felt the right thing to do. I am not saying thats the healthiest way to work but it was definitely a challenging year. While my boss appreciated me several times the juniors made fun of me saying I don't have a life. I am in a good position in this company for my age and I know that and it definitely hasn't been super easy so why did I feel bad when some juniors made such comments about me?

I do not want to be an ordinary employee, I was extra ordinary and I so want to get back to that position. I am so so grateful for this job and the new life and respect it gave me, and I want my boss to be proud of me and my work and take it to international levels.

So everyday, I commit myself to stay positive, do good work, keep focussing on doing good work and not get distracted by some uninspired people. I want to shine and shine bright!

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