The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's time to start a new season (D1, S8)

Things have been moving at such a crazy, rapid and wonderful pace I felt like I never had time to sit down and write it all, never mind start a new season. Things are still like that but I feel the need for contemplation these past couple weeks.

To quickly update; Emily and I are looking for a house, I'm starting with a business that I was working with 7 years ago (and who introduced me to Law of Attraction thinking and everything else seems to be in flux.

This season which starts today will be huge in my development to be more who I envision myself being. The past 7 seasons have been mostly about things. While I will have some things that I put on my intention list (because lets face it those are fun!) I will mostly be focused on growing into someone I admire. I want to be my own inspiration and I have no doubt this will inspire others to follow suit.

I'm taking a class that is based around chakras and personality profiles and the next chakra is the 3rd which has to do with personal power. Its a great time to shine!

I hope everyone is having wonderful seasons and I plan on checking up with you all at a later time. Also I'll update my intentions another time as well.

Today it starts!

Peace, love and light to you all.

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