The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It's Up to Me - Still In between Seasons

I can take this day in any direction I choose..


Riddled with fear, regarding the hell of a mess my finances are in...or I can look towards my children's book - which I have been working on - and continue the process.

I'm looking for sign from The Universe...I had been putting off opening my mail...but the mailbox was full, and the Mailman asked my doorman to ask my bills are now in front of me. It really is not condusive to drawing pink cats! The whole thing makes me feel down trodden . I think I owe my entire net worth to someone else...several one some elses.

I've been dealing with it, but it's slow going...two financial feet forward...four seems

This has little to do with Hairball Alley and my Children's Book, etc..

I need to stay the course. Hairball Alley will not write or draw itself. I know The Universe will answer what I ask for..So is it peace of mind? Financial Security? Do I take comfort in knowing my plight is not as bad as some others. Do I ask for Creative Control:)

Count my blessings?

The last one helps! I do have it better than most. with my beautiful Coupurr at my feet, and Maynard headbutting me:) Dare I leave out Jazzpurr, Fatty, and Cosmo Toppurr ? I don't think so. So, now that the first wave of fear has vanished, I'm turning back to my sketch pad. I have a feeling The Universe will help me draw my way through this glimpse into the contrast.

Just had to put this out there. Thanks All

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Comment by LyzByth on August 23, 2010 at 3:47am
We are between seasons, yet ... keep drawing ... keep believing ... keep "purring "whenever you can; which you already seem able to do.
Your drawings have a great style. Work on your book and focus on seeing it in your hands. A friend of mine just had a book of poems published. Who knew?
I myself have been down to my last can of beans at times. Money has a way of waxing & waning that is beyond our control. Really I guess most of life is just making the best of what we have in front of us in the present. Right now for me things are ok ... some how improving actually. It has not always been so.
Keep going forward: as times, circumstances, money, love, laughter all change as you say like seasons change. Every season even the tough ones can have their own special blessings. LyzByth
(Love also to all your kitties.)

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