The 100 Day Reality Challenge

(because of the many universes theory of quantum physics, this is how my day went)

This morning I woke up and I ate my early breakfast and meditated. Hung out for a bit in place of running (no running on legs day) and then I ate again.

I had one of my strongest days that gym today. I was able to squat more than I ever have before and two of my friends were there just randomly! I was so excited to see them. It had been years. On top of that, I am in great shape (which wasn't the case 4 months ago) and I didn't want them to see me when I wasn't strong. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed hanging out with them. We lifted for hours and it felt like no time at all. I could only tell how long we had been there from how hungry I was! Ate a big meal after leaving and went home to get ready for work. Today's preparation was special because I practiced asking that girl out. She said yes in almost every practice session. 

Now for the good part. Let me tell you about my day at work. This was literally the best day at work that I have had (yet, i know more are coming). I walk into the building and that girl is standing there in the front looking kinda sad. I asked her if she felt any better and she said not really. So I asked if I could have a few minutes of her time before she left. I was walking to the escalator and just as I get close she turned the corner. For a split second I felt nervous but then this calm came over me and I just knew exactly what to do. "Oh hey" i said (all charmingly) and she cracked a bit of a smile. "Look" i said, "I want to be your boyfriend.. I want to hold your hand (I grabbed her hand at this point and she kinda squeezed mine).. I want you to call me before you go to bed and tell me about how your day went.. I want to call you in the mornings and get you psyched up for the day in front of you.. So... what do you think?" She looked a little surprised, paused for a second, and hugged me and said of course. Compared with a few minutes ago, her eyes had lit up. She is always looking beautiful even when she's sad, but when she is happy she can stop time. So we held hands in the break room for a few minutes and it was adorable. Then I got called back to work and had to leave her for now. "Should we kiss goodbye?" I said in that way I can't put into words but its okay because I know what I mean. "Probably" i said using that same tone. She smile and I could tell she glanced at my mouth so I just went in. Un-fucking-believable. I haven't been so excited about the girl I was kissing in possibly ever. Today was literally the best day of my life, I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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Comment by secret on January 5, 2012 at 2:21am

of course! happy for you! :)

Comment by Mike on January 5, 2012 at 2:19am

good wow?

Comment by secret on January 5, 2012 at 2:17am

wow :D

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