The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had such a hard time sleeping last night. Yesterday I woke up at 7:30am and it was 3:00 before I even felt tired. Very strange, I did not drink much coffee and I went to the gym and I had work for 9.5 hours. Strange. Even weirder, I first woke up at 7:30 again this morning. I had nothing to do today so I just went back to sleep but it was unusual. 

This blog really helps me to stick to my goals and to get things done in a day. For today I will:

  • meditate
  • gym with running
  • clean up room
  • library

Not a tremendous amount planned but I will probably just end up reading for a while. Nothing wrong with that. I mostly read books about Buddhism or by the Dalai Lama and they really help me to feel calm throughout the day. Life in the D.C. metro area is very fast paced and stressful and Buddhism is a nice retreat.

I am just realizing now as i write this blog that I am wasting a load of time today. I should and will spend some time today looking for ways to improve myself. 

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