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Good morning internet.

I had ANOTHER dream last night where everything was mostly normal except one thing was strage about it. I am not sure if I mentioned these dreams before but they are very frequent and very peculiar. In these dreams I will be someplace where I normally am when I am awake (work, the gym, my house have been the three locations so far) and things will be very much like when I am awake except one thing is off. For example one time I was with that little girl at the gym and she had jeans on. Another time I was at my house and my dog looked like it was a hybrid between him and a hog. Last night I was at my house with two of my sisters and one of them found something that shouldn't have been there. Is anyone good at dream interpretation? I am thinking that they are telling me that I am almost complete in my life I am just missing one or two pieces of the puzzle.

I do not have anything planned for the day that is out of the ordiary, but heres what I got anyway

  • Gym with running
  • read
  • Supposed to be nice today so ill hit the driving range

Relaxing today is really the most important thing for me. I have been high strung lately and it's not who I usually am. I am going to take extra care to stay calm, not let worrysome thoughts enter my head, and keep a smile on my face. I have chosen activities for the day that will help me with this. The gym is one of the best stress relievers in the world and I really enjoy staying for extended periods of time. The book I have to read is a good one for improving happiness in my life and the driving range is one place where I always feel safe and happy.

Often times when I am getting ready for bed I pump myself up for the following day. Then when I get there I don't feel quite so excited. I am finding myself in this situation again and I think the best course of action is to just get on with it. I have my list of things here to keep me on track and I will just work with my nose to the grind. If I continue to work, I can do nothing but improve.

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Comment by Kevin on January 6, 2012 at 2:05pm

maybe pumping yourself up before going to sleep is inducing your dreamstate to be so vivid! well what you are doing when you are doing that is getting amped for right now, you are feeling really good when you are in bed at the possibility of the following day, so when the day comes shift your thinking and get stoked on what's happening right now! that you are in the place that you were just dreaming about when you were getting amped the night before! how unique you are that you are able to create the very NOW that you are in

as far as dream interpretation, dreams are very subjective, so if you feel like something is incomplete or missing, go with that; as far as your dreams, I would say that it appears that the cycles of your life are pretty consistent, in other words, day in and day out things are generally changing very slowly; however this slight unordinary change in what is perceived is possibly a reflection of your changing worldviews, in other words, in your waking state you are starting to seek out a new possible reality rather than just going through and doing/being/having what you just usually do/be/have... perhaps this is a reflection of this.. and in the dream state the things that are slightly off are not necessarily specifically the same things that are off in real life but are SYMBOLS of your changing perspective, and when we change our minds, our external environment begins to reflect that - our relationships with external everythings begin to change at a quicker pace; hope this helps!

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