The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Journey to a new me and a new, improved life, Day Four

Nothing really to report.  I listened again to some hypnosis tracks while I played a computer game.  I also made myself think more positively after a situation - I used the "But I am so grateful that" process from "The Magic" to think of things I WAS grateful/happy about so that's good.  I am just so tired from work, we did a lot of walking around and my feet are quite sore, so while it's great about the walking!  I haven't really taken any other action steps except for the hypnosis, positive thoughts and lots of walking, but I guess that's still something, right?


I can't let myself lose momentum so even IF I DO take a break tonight, tomorrow night I am getting back into it!  


I did tell a couple of people at work about my goal of either bike riding or ice skating once a fortnight and going socializing in a group the alternate week and they were actually quite impressed!  


I'm currently ignoring most guys on Kik as most of them just want sex and basically also I'm not attracted to any of them, well there's one I might be but that's it.  There was a Pakistani? guy at work at lunch who looked like he might be a hottie but I couldn't quite tell and don't know who he is or if he was just in for the day.  Anyway I'm not going to overdo it and try TOO hard to get a guy!  Hypnosis tracks I did included one on loving and appreciating myself and overcoming self-sabotage.


I'm going to take it easy tonight but by tomorrow night I have to get back on track.  Back with the questions and goals in the "Comfortable in your own shoes" book.  I want to buy more of his dating books too but I might wait till Friday when I FINALLY get paid and stop living off my credit card so that will be towards my financial goals.


I'm not giving up there is SO MUCH I want to achieve in my life and now I am more determined again to do so, without trying to control it too much either and yes to trust the Universe more too.

But tonight I am just so tired I will take it easy. 

Tomorrow though, look out!

There is a subliminal track I have called Carpe Diem, Seize the Day plus George Hutton has one called "Driven"  

He did an amazing request for me today about time control - WOW! 

So if I need a push tomorrow that's what I am going to use.


I don't think I will bother with the singles group tomorrow night.  I feel I am just meeting mostly the same crowd or guys I am not interested in or not interested in me. Usually it's the first two.  I WAS going just to socialize but I think I took it too seriously last week and I think I MIGHT just take a break from that.  Time out from dating.


But not completely.  Just a reduction. 

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