The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Journey to a new me and a new, improved life, Day Nine

On Day 7 I went to a dinner with one of my meetup groups, Ken's events. It's part of my plan to either bike ride or ice skate once a fortnight and go to a meetup group on the alternate week.  Last week I went bike riding, so this week I went to the dinner!  I was running late but I went anyway.  I wanted to go to a walk the next evening with them, but I felt so exhausted.  Again, baby steps, I guess.   


I met three nice people to talk to and also smiled a bit at a kind of cute in a way guy and he would smile back.  But that's all.  Still, great conversation and laughs and a good start! 


I've tried to be a bit better where money is concerned.  Wanted to go to a movie but needed a mask for the dress up part and decided not to go cos of the cost.  But I ate a healthy vegan lunch in Inspiral, Camden and looked at the amazing shops in part of the market and even found a corset shop that I actually love!  Nice people in there too.  I'd need to save up but I wouldn't mind one and also some of the clothes in this shop called Chaps, Rockabilly, SO gorgeous. 

I do need to revamp my wardrobe.

I bought new bags this summer my latest is a gorgeous green suede clutch but I'd love new clothes too.


I watched and listened to hyptalk's attract money video on Friday morning, Saturday morning (yesterday) and this morning.  I am supposed to watch twice a day so I will build up to that.  My plan is to do that for 3 months, as she suggests, then 3 months of the Dream Career one then 3 months of the attract love one.  To me that's a LONG time but what if they DO work.  Just imagine how my life would be changed for the better in June/July this year!


I am just now listening to George Hutton's "Romantic Men" video he made for me.  Let's see what happens.  But I need to be consistent with this.

As I am listening to it, I am feeling a kind of soothing.  I think I may need to listen to this one on its own cos the words, the affirmations feel so good.


I find myself getting very tired again but it could just be a form of resistance and somehow some way I am gonna push through this and keep going with the plan, such as it is. 

Because although I take the tiredness as a cue to just rest, maybe sometimes it's just another form of resistance and procrastination.


Being back to work from the holidays, I am no longer living off my credit card and at the moment my account seems to be in credit or at least within my overdraft - yay!  And that feels good. 


When I was out at that dinner on Friday night, I felt quite confident, actually.  I think the subliminals on being more extrovert and so on were really helpful.


I listened to Romantic Men by George Hutton, like I said.  But when I listened to the Ideal Guy video, about a boyfriend, I felt tired, then I even felt a bit sickly and later headachy.  It felt really REALLY uncomfortable to listen to it and I wanted to stop it.  But this time, I recognized this as resistance and I kept listening.  I was talking to Emporian on PI and we were talking about his initial resistance to some of George Hutton's videos, but then he continued for two months and he's had some great results.  


So, it seems I have WAY more resistance to having a boyfriend than I thought I did.  Which just means maybe I want to start working on this area a little earlier than I thought I did.  


It's no WONDER that I HAVE this resistance.  After what I went through with Hossam and then Chris.  And I'm sure the bad bits from my past relationships contribute, I've never had the kind of relationship I really wanted.  But maybe THIS time, with all the tools I have NOW, I am finally in a position to change all that!


But, right now, it feels as though this video is never going to end!  I'm glad I decided to leave hyptalk's Attract Love video till the end, there might also be an Attract Luck one and I know she has Attract Lottery Winnings.  Money and Career change I have strong resistance to but it's getting much more painful to NOT change than to change. 


I also learned a really important lesson that I have certainly forgotten before but it's going to help me on my journey so much, as trivial and insignificant as it may sound, it's really not!


Drink water!  Drink LOTS of water.  I realized that I might be a bit dehydrated and THAT was why I was feeling so tired.  Sure, resistance may come into it too.  I think too that this work is clearing issues and clearing work - like with EFT - can leave you feeling a little dehydrated so it is important to hydrate, this is the same with massage.  


Water's going to help provide me with some extra energy to do more on my journey.  More writing, typing, listening to hypnosis and subliminals, goal-setting, soul-searching. WHATEVER it takes! 


I feel like I love Angel SO much, even if it's just sex.  (Sorry, probably TMI!)  I can't believe I feel like this.  But what I am gonna do is I am gonna in fact if I do it RIGHT NOW I WILL remember!  I am gonna take my book with me, my Pray Rain Journal on Attracting my dream boyfriend! and READ it to and from work (or at least one way) every day.  Maybe listen to romantic songs as I do.  It can help, you know.  


There's LOTS I can do!  I can have another go at The Passion Bomb, for e.g. but not yet, too tired!  Much more water first!  


I may even start a new Pray Rain Journal on dating, just dating romantic, handsome men and how THAT feels etc. 


I bought two games but they were on sale and I can listen to subliminals as I play, like I do when I play the trials.  


And tonight at some stage I will do the hyptalk "Attract Money" video again.  I will start doing Joe's Goals again, to help me keep track of what I AM doing and what to try.  I WAS using it, but then my old laptop died! Then I forgot all about it.  

So that's another thing I can do!  


I am also going to get Gregg Michaelsen's book "Love is in the mouse" about online dating.  

But I might wait till payday at LEAST!  


I know I need to keep handing it all over the Universe and ask for what I want, believing.  But I can and I am also taking some action steps!  And working on my mindset, you know?

There's a HELL of a lot of powerful positive changes I want to make in my life.  But I CAN do it!  


By the way, NEXT weekend is an exercise one, I will go bike riding or ice skating.  If there are skating lessons with meetup this Thursday night, I might go then instead, we'll see.  

But I am gonna do SOMETHING! 


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