The 100 Day Reality Challenge


It's been a long time since last my blog. Some changes — not to many, because my whole word close with home, work and kids. 

Work - I had change a company. No, I am at STILAGO - online shop — more or less I am responsible foe customer services ( money returns, questions, missing products, terms and ... ) . Sometimes i need to translate — its quite funny with my knowledge of english — good I translate from english to polish :-)

Kids - my oldest soon 8 of may will have a first communion - I am very stressful, full house of guest, not ready jet. 

I just thinking about my emotions — hope I will not cry. Rest of them are fine. 

Home - ... I all the time thinking about my future home. Will be in Saskatoon, Canada. Since I know that I cannot be in USA and I can life in Poland I decide to move. Canada seam to be a perfect place. I have a lots of problems to just move. My husband was in CA in 1996, have a deportation order and criminal case — he pull fire alarm. I find that CA have a very strict low. Good for me, I have 3 boys — better for them when they knows the rules:-)

I do not know how to start my 100 days challenge?

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