The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am amazed-at myself! I would never think I would say such a thing about myself!!

But I am, quite surprised by myself,taking so many steps forward, that I would never do before!

In my last blog I wrote about that roadtrip...I got the idea from the stranger about the universities where I live, that I should contact them about my theatre workshops.

I did contact the University where I live, and they loved the idea of me leading a theatre workshop for university students, and I am meeting two of the responsible tomorrow!! That went fast!! Quick manifestation!

I also saw a mail from the theatre academy, I will open it tomorrow on friday, there, in that mail is an answer,...if they will at least take me on board for a shorter period of teaching future professional actors, namely theatre students at diploma level. (I have a MA degree in acting)

But so far, I must say, I have guts that I didnt think I had!! My brain is in fact thinking of even more

steps to take!! I thought I would by now be exhausted, but I am not spreading myself thin!

I feel like I am spreading out and-I LOVE IT!

So, what is on my agenda: (not in this order)


0.dress for success/30min

1.meeting with the University where I live-setting up a proper shape on the theatre workshop/1 hour

2. call the director about my monodrama/10 min

3. go running/30 min

4.go out for a long walk in nature with a friend/3 hours

5. open that email from the theatre academy/5min-30min (if I have to write an answer)

6. prepare two monologues for the audition/2 hours

7. take a shower/15min

8. give my mother a call about some business/10min

9. read 5th agreement by Ruiz and Ruiz/2 hours (to give myself a strong boost)

10. bake the bread/1,5hour

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to it, don't you??

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Comment by GOODREAMS on January 31, 2014 at 12:10pm

FRIDAY after the meeting: The university agreed to try to make ads on their campus for TWO theatre workshops! We all got along very well! :) Nice flowing conversation! I didn't get anything from the theatre academy, all work spaces full, but hey, I tried, if we don't try, we will be sorry for it some day!

tHANKS FOR ALL LIKES AND COMMENTS and support, all back to you and don't give up!

Comment by Sophia on January 31, 2014 at 11:58am

Congrats!!!! I am happy for you! :) 

Comment by Sophia on January 31, 2014 at 2:36am
That's wonderful!!! Congrats to you!!! That is amazing! I jope you get the job! Let us know:)


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