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Well here I am 39 yo weighing 82Kg as of now. I had started my weigh loss journey for a long time ago. It always flipped and flopped. I have kind of lost track of the number times I have tried and failed. This time as I am starting this on CCOR, I am already on another attempt. May be I attracted this site to my eyes as part of creating my reality.

In case if there are others on the board who has fitness as thier goals here are a list of stuff that I made mistakes on. You can correct yourself early on.

1.MISTAKE-1 Incorrect way of using vision baords. I royally goofed up on this for years. A long time ago I read somewhere that taking your "now" picture will be a good idea. I hot a pic of myself in bad shape and glued it somwhere, where I will see it many times a day. So everyday I saw myself in bad shape.later on I read about LOA, after which I tore away all the pics and put new ones, that of fit crowd as you can see in my vision board in my album.

2. At he begining of the post I meantioned that I always fell off track many times and started all over again. I never started from where I fell off. I always went off to square one myself. This meant unhealthy eating to satisfy my disappointment and stop working out and stuff. Then I read a book somewhere. The example he quoted was inspiring. Even a technical marvel like a precision missile heading towards a target doesnt go in one straight line! On the way there are air currents, air pockets, varying gravity, rain, and magnetic fields. What the missile does is, it contantly corrects it course, till it hits the target. So the MISTAKE-2 was, when I fell off the track, I didnt get back on it.

3. Every human being is a unique creation. So what works for one, will not work for the other. Take simple thing as taking a cold shower in winter. I can do this with ease and I enjoy it. But there are ppl I know who will catch a cold the next day. I tried practising whats been printed in terms of diet and workout. MISTAKE-3 So just becuase its written in book, by a so called expert doesnt mean that it will work for you. Yes, indeed the infromation is valuable. You have to learn to understand your body and do things that work for you. Use books and manuals only as a guidline. You need to experiment with yourself to find out what works for you.

4. You need to listen/observe your body and stay on course. And do not panic or get depressed. MISTAKE-4. Many a times I got disappointed becuase of my weight gain. Your body goes through cycles of weight gain and loss in the journey. Its just the way it takes due to muscle gain.

5. MISTAKE-5 expecting a quick/fast weight loss. I wanted to loose a hell lot of weight really fast. This is outrageous. Remember all the weight that I gained took years. So I just cannot loose it in a couple of weeks time.

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