The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Recently, I have encountered a ton of people that have all but given up on love. When I was single I was at the top of my dating game. Guys would call, take me on exotic vacations, buy me beautiful things by surprise, and some even wrote poetry and songs about me.

No good people around? With so many millions of people in the world I fathom how this can be. Everyone is a good person and a potential dating candidate if you know how to do it correctly.

Some say things with a hint of cynicism in their voice from an old inner wound that says "There are no good men/women left" or "Where have all the good men/women gone?"

(have you looked outside lately?) Because unless you live on Mars the average person encounters a minimum of four people per day.

It can be something as simple as just walking outside to the mailbox, going to the grocery store, going to the video store, going to the mall. Good people are all over the place.

In fact, I have 642 facebook friends and almost half of them are single and are all of good character! So there are plenty of good people left in the world.

Here is the top ten things you need to do right now if you are single.

1. Lose the cynicism toward dating and the opposite sex and heal your inner wounds.

You will never meet Mr or Miss Right if you are holding on to any grudge from a past relationship or any past hurt. Whether it is from a parent or a past lover.

Truly, the new person in your life will not give one single hoot about how, where, or why your ex left you with a broken heart and a $500 telephone bill because this is all irrelevant to starting a new loving relationship.

So don't unload any of this air pollution upon them on the first six dates. Clean out your inner space first. Someone that calls every girl a bitch, a ho, or anything else that is demeaning to women will remain single forever. Just like any girl that assumes that every guy is a jerk will also remain single forever.

2. Be genuine. Don't send mixed signals.

People don't want to invest their time or emotions into a person that they can't trust. If you can't keep a steady job, steady relationship, maintain your home, your bills, or car or even keep your houseplant alive then you have major work on YOU to do before you ever try dating someone of the opposite sex.

In my single days I have seen guys flirt with me online and I became interested in them only to discover later that they are also nursing other "mini" relationships with more than a few other girls online as well. Remember, I have had the internet since I was 14 years old so I have seen it all.

3. Be sincere with your efforts.

So many books have been written for men about how to score with a girl on a first date but if to get laid is all you really want then go to a bar or pay a professional because most people go out to meet people that they can relate to. So don't join that club for mommies if you are really looking to just score with a ton of Milfs.

4. Practice meeting people.

Meet a few people per day to show you are approachable without acting like a predator.

5. Be Attractive.

If you need to shave then get into the habit of shaving every morning or whatever your schedule is for this.

Take a shower, Wear clean shirts when you go out. Wear clean underwear too. There is a reason mom's tell us this.

Pick flattering clothes. Sweatpants and jogging suits don't count as dating clothes. Sometimes men wear clothing that is very unattractive to the opposite sex. And for heaven's sake never ever wear that Hooter's or Big Johnson shirt out in public!

6. Don't text or call other people while out on your date.

This should be common sense but believe it or not many people of both sexes are doing this.

7. If you offer to take someone out expect to pay for the date unless you specify about going dutch in advance. And no, paying for dinner does not entitle you to a free blowjob or anything else for forcing someone with preset expectations ruins it for both of you.

8. Stand out from the other guys or girls.

By this I don't mean wearing pink hair or a mohawk.

The worst mistake people make is wearing the wrong thing on a first date and it can send mixed signals.

9. Quality over Quantity.

By this I mean take each person serious. Say thank you. Be polite. Open doors. Believe it or not we are living in a world of smart asses so don't be one of them. Pick a nice place for dinner based on atmosphere instead of price. Women like water themes so even if it is a crab-shack on the waterfront she will be in heaven.

10. Don't spread gossip.

If the date goes good or bad keep it to yourself.

Advertising that it sucked on your facebook page will not win you any new friends and if you post that you got laid you might have to deal with an angry father or brother coming to knock on your door the next day so KISS it. (Keep it simple stupid!)

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