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Amour: just when I was about to forget about it.


Like I said previously, I got an okcupid account at the start of this year. I tried it out for a while, but then decided to deactivate it last week. I wasn’t meeting anyone interesting, and I told myself that I just have too much other work to focus on. One guy who I was barely talking to on there, happened to send me his number right before I pressed the “deactivate” button. I figured I would text him – why not. So I took down his number and then proceeded to text him. I figured that our conversation was going to be extremely boring though, and would probably be about the weather. I was expecting one line answers and questions, and then the inevitable fading away of the conversation.


I’ve been texting back and forth with this guy for the last few days, and I’ve already gotten to know him much better than I would have gotten to know anyone else on okcupid in a longer period of time.
I’m going to refer to him as possible mc.dreamy- because he already has my heart racing.
We are meeting for the first time face to face on Friday. I’m excited and nervous. I want there to be that physical, mental and emotional attraction in person. Either way, even if there isn’t – I’m going to look at this whole experience with a smile.

P. Mcdreamy might be talking like this to several other girls at the moment – he has a way with words. But even if he is, I’m not going to sweat it. I’m just looking forward to meeting him Friday and taking it from there.

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Comment by Anna on January 24, 2013 at 7:26am


Comment by Raizel on January 23, 2013 at 2:48pm
Amour has funny ways like that :) Hope you and McDreamy hit it off!

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