The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Law of Attraction: DO SOMETHING!!!

I got through season one and it helped me pull myself out of the darkest place in my life thus far. That was a year ago give or take a week. Now I cannot commit to a season two as hard as I've tried (I restarted twice already!) But that is the liberation, I no longer need to strickly practice the tools I have learned doing the 100 day challenge because now they come automatically.

Happiness starts as a state of mind, and then it becomes contageous! Surround yourself with positive people, go out into nature, enjoy what you have, accept that you will not have everything you think you want, and most of all TAKE ACTION.

If your unhappy about a situation, change it! Most of the time a situation can be changed by changing your mind set. If you want to lose weight do it! Stop talking, keep wishing, and get moving!

It takes two weeks to break a habit.
Good Luck.

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