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Let go of attachments as the need to have something go your way is fear based and is preventing things from coming

I've been "letting go" of quite a few things that I've been attached to and amazing things have just come about. So since my last post on February 21 of saying I'm letting go of attachments:

1. I let go of our 2nd home that we bought in 2005, the peak of the housing bubble. We were suppose to sell our first home and instead we were convinced to take a bridge loan carrying both homes, until our first home was to sell. Mistake and please never do it! We couldn't sell either one, so we rented out the new home last year. Well anyways it was a 1.2 million dollar home and it's value now is 600k with a mortgage of 855k. I decided to short sell it, as all of our money and savings was going into it and strapping and stressing us. The family that I rented to, the husband is a realestate salesperson who also had just gone thru a short sale on his own home, so his credit was blitzed. His wife had become so attached to the rented home that they offered me today an "all inclusive deed of trust" in which they would take over the mortgage payments, the taxes, insurance and hoa costs with documents showing
that they will refinance once the house value catches up and if they fail to pay the mortgage payment the house goes back to me! I don't get a hit on my credit nor do I need to deal with the bank in trying to short sale the home. The docs are being reviewed and revised by my expert in these type deals. We are so relieved and ecstatic on the entire process. We went out and celebrated with a glass of wine! Beautiful!

2. I was trying my hardest in negotiating with my sister over family property. I'm the spokesperson for the other 5 family members. It's been in process off and on for over 20 years and I got involved in the last 4 years as my Dad's wish is to have it settled fairly (He's currently 90) and I promised him I would do my best. We'll I convinced the family members to just give my sister everything that she wanted -- 3.5 times anyone's share value, as we thought it would just be over and done with, settled and we could get on with our lives. Well she just kept adding on more demands which is even beyond our lawyer's comprehension. So in letting go this time, we've turned it over to the court to decide and I am just totally relieved now as it's no longer on my shoulders.
I'm not attached to any outcome am just allowing and expecting the best for everyone. My mind feels free, no blockages and I feel lighter.

We'll I truly believe it's the "letting go" part as I am no longer forcing it to go the way I want and so far things are turning out better than I could have expected. So if you're hung up on an outcome and things are just not going your way, take it as a sign to just let go. I remember reading the words last week 'just let go as need is fear based which is preventing anything from coming to you'. It was one of the hardest things for me to realize and all I can say now after less than 1 week, it's the absolute best thing I've done, I just let go of my attachments.

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Comment by crystalspirit on February 28, 2009 at 5:31am
"Just let go as need is fear based which is preventing anything from coming to you" I love it!!!

Your story is very inspiring, thanks for sharing!!!

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