The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Let's get this show on the road! - Day 1

I obviously got sidetracked after I signed up to do my last season!

This tends to happen when things take off for me :-)

Soooo much good stuff has happened!

I had the idea for this book in Sept and starting writing it in October.

It was written by mid Nov but I procrastinated over the cover (long story) and it took me until April to release it!!!

The plan had been to release the book ahead of running a series of one day events that would lead women into my 12 Month Luxury Business & Lifestyle Mastermind Program.

These events ran in Jan and the Mastermind kicked off in Feb.

I launched without my book and in the end it didn't make much of a difference as far as results go.

My mastermind program is a $25,000 program and in the wash up I had 7 women sign up to the program!!

The program is unique because it is capped at 8 women so every single woman gets a lot of hands on assistance from me.

I've been busy rolling up my sleeves and hand holding the women through establishing a niche they LOVE to work with, creating a brand that is totally attractive to that niche, developing  a high end offering, building websites, having professional photo's shot and all of the stuff that sets female entrepreneurs up to win! 

I'm now only 2 weeks away from running my next 1 day series of events and will kick off my next Live Mastermind (MelbMM2) in July.

I'll also be kicking off the online version of my program in July  AND putting my PA on full time in July as well so it's a HUGE 100 days coming up for me!

I released my book in April and it went Amazon Best Seller in 3 very strong categories and has attracted a lot of good attention.

I now have a fabulous PR chickkie working hard to get the word out there and secure me speaking gigs, guest blogs and trying to secure me a full time gig on The Huffington Post.

Fingers crossed that works out!!!

I had been putting off buying my new car for AGES!!

I find rewarding myself on any major scale very difficult but I worked through the stuff I needed to and purchased my dream car just a few weeks ago and have surprised myself at the fact I've not lost a wink of sleep over the purchase :-)

The other big thing in my life is that less than a month ago I had my 2nd hip surgery in a little over 2 years.

Initially the prognosis wasn't good and I was told I wouldn't be able to kick ever again.

Given I've been training in Taekwondo for 24 years this was a HUGE blow.

To think I wouldn't be able to do what I love and not to be able to head to Thailand to train regularly gutted me.

In the end after the repair the prognosis is much better.

It will be a reasonably long rehab but by July, If I do everything right I'll be able to get back to kicking, running, plyometrics and squats - all of the stuff I LOVE and haven't been able to do since August!!

I also made the decision to chop my hair off!!!

I've had long (very long) hair for as long as I can remember and I'd been tossing up getting rid of it for a couple of months.

I woke up on Thurs morning and made the decision that "today is the day", called my hairdresser and voila.

I'm still getting used to it but no regrets, feels soo much better knowing I don't need to spend so much time on my hair these days.

Usually I come to the 100 Day Reality Challenge when I need to create some momentum and this time is no different.

Life is good, my business is awesome BUT I'm struggling with not having to hustle anymore, I'm struggling with not being in "the grind".

I've worked so hard for so many years to achieve this level of success and I'm having a hard time relaxing into this.

I acknowledge it, I accept it and understand that the only way is up and I'm excited to see how far I can drive this thing whilst keeping the balance I'm enjoying.

My focus over the next 100 days is to secure another $448,000 in sales into my Mastermind Program.

Exciting times ahead because this is my new reality and all I need to do is keep doing what I'm doing to make it happen.

I'm using this 100 days to keep me focused and anchored to the goal.

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