The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yes, I want to share with you a little bit of magic. My gift is worth.. I'll practice it at the end of the day so I'll give it to you at the end of my post... ;-)

Today, APPRECIATION was the fuel of my engine.

I began at the breakfast with my lover and our children : I always searched to comunicate with them feeling only appreciation this way I avoided any possible recrimination. It was incredible but it gave a different tone to this moment. I was happy, that's all.

Normally with the diner I had to prepare for New year's Eve, I would have been more nervous and sooo grumpy...

So, I prepared myself and in front of the mirror I repeated me the goal of this day : APPRECIATION.

By the way, thank you Louise L.Hay for the exercise "I love You (me) to the mirror". I really appreciate it.

In that beautiful state of mind, I went to do some shopping and go to the supermarket, to my butcher, to my baker.

Everything was perfect, it was so easy :

- I found parking lots without even thinking about it.

- I never queued.

- I had on my way only smiling persons. I even spoke with some of them, for the pleasure of it. 

- my butcher and my baker were so nice with me, as usual, yes, and a little bit more...

Anyway, I'll have a wonderful New Year's Eve with my friends and my family, I know it's already decided by my previous vibrations... I hope exactly the same for everybody all over the world !

Ok, you have been patient enough. My gift is a great Shaman Isabella Leigh Stoloff who'll teach it to you at this link on youtube :

I will do, as she shares with us, the magic trick with the fire and tonight I'll burn what I don't want anymore and I will burn what I really want for 2012!!

Hope you'll enjoy it as much I did when I discovered her last night... Life is so generous with us when we leave all our resistances behind us...



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Comment by Stéphanie Thévenot on January 8, 2012 at 11:01am
Hi Celine ! Happy to know that your manifestations are so quick, these days with the challenge I also experience it ! My favorite Louise book, I call her Louise, she's kind of friend of mine... Is "You can heal your life", in French is "Transformez votre vie"... I hope you'll find what you need !
Comment by Celine on January 8, 2012 at 7:00am

Hi Stephanie,this is fantastic!!!!

I can't believe I have just found your blog when I needed to find something inspitational fast..... That was a quick attraction!!!  Can you please tell me which Louise Hay book you are talking about. I had actually been looking into getting one of her books and I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite of hers! THank you !  : )

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