The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Dear Yoko,
Thanks for the message this weekend! You are introducing me to many new and wonderful things! I must admit I loved your list of 25, and I relate to many of them. I sent you a birthday package and Valentine that says, "Remember Love". Sound familiar? @>---- Hope you like the handmade sculpture from Lake Michigan. Dan did it for you. You 2 have the same birthday! Serendipity, psychokenisis........
Below is a video posted on our school district home page about our school's vision for peace and justice in our world.
Coming soon will be our Sixth Annual Writer's Conference entitled," IMAGINE: What Kind of World Do you Want?" dedicated to John and his desire to see peace in the world.

This conference, on Friday, March 13, 2009 will feature John's song, "IMAGINE", thanks to your generosity. PLEASE JOIN US AND SIT IN YOKO'S CHAIR!! You may come and/or go as you like, but please take this amazing opportunity to meet these fabulous children who will usher in a new era of peace , health and beauty. Your presence, Yoko, could take this grassroots children's movement to the next level.

It is the power of the Mandala.
Oprah Winfrey Angel Network,
Yoko Ono, and
Michelle Obama and her girls.

If this vision is true, it will resonate with you. If not, that's ok,'s only one idea and the world is full of ideas and options. But if it is true, that would be fun!!

I see you speaking to our children about John's IMAGINE PEACE tower. I see you in a darkened gym, on stage, with hundreds of small flashlights beaming toward you...

I also see this event making a huge difference in the way children see themselves as peacemakers. I know if you come,it will get Oprah's attention. If Oprah comes, then maybe Michelle will bring her girls to be part of this. Or it may happen a different way. The details aren't important.....

Anyway, I love you, and you are welcome to come if you would like to! If not, that's ok, too. We can get together another time. We are both water and we will eventually evaporate together ! 8-)


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Comment by Robin Amy Bass on February 23, 2009 at 10:24pm
I'm holding the vision.

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