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This past week has been really bumpy. My uncle-in-law was diagnosed with cancer years ago, and he finally told the family about 5 months ago when his doctors told him he had 6 more months.

He is now in the hospital and his doctors gave him 48 hrs. He is hook-up to many machines and is conscience of his visitors. His doctors want to move him out of the hospital as they can not do anything for him, but we know that he will die without the machines. The doctors try to convince Uncle's DDs to authorize the discharge, but they won't because he will surely leave us if they do that. I don't think Uncle is ready to leave us, yet. It is so heartbreaking to watch and I feel terrible knowing he feels helpless & uncertain.

My dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and he fought it all the way, but finally the pain was too much and he gave up. He left me when I was in my 20's and I felt helpless and tried to comfort him, but I didn't know how. I remember the night he finally left us and he visited me in my dreams (other relatives reported the same dream that night!) showing me that he was very happy and he was doing great.

I'm glad that I 'listen' to the book, 'The power of Now' which explains death as something nobody can avoid. I don't know how I will feel when it is my time to go.

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Comment by Jamie Lee Sample on September 11, 2009 at 5:04pm
it`s my nepthew`s birthday tomorrow he died last year so it going to be a pretty sad for us for the seceret Death can`t be changed and i guess we just have to live in the moment a i knew did that he died a few months ago his was only in his late 20s but in that short life he did more than most people do who live till the`re 90s ihope this helps

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